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 Presidential Candidate DENNIS KUCINICH
with Your Enchanted Gardener Leslie Goldman.

Rumor has it that Democratic Presidential Candidate DENNIS KUCINICH offered the VP spot to Your Enchanted Gardener LESLIE GOLDMAN at a Peace Sunday event last Fall at AGAPE SPIRITUAL CENTER in Los Angeles.  GOLDMAN says he already has his job, growing 1000 years of peace one heirloom Seed and Seed Dream at a time.  

San Mateo's BRIAN EVERETTE, creator of the first mobile COMMUNI TEA compost tea making truck, a San Mateo GREEN PARTY County Councilman, arm twisted Your Enchanted Gardener into joining the GREEN PARTY in trade for EVERETTE making repairs at the ENCHANTED GARDEN GROWING GROUNDS
in San Diego.  "I was too green to continue not joining the party," says GOLDMAN.

LESLIE is a big fan of compost tea that BRIAN and his wife SANDA spread on the local terrain at the SAN MATEO ECOVILLAGE and other places.  THE AROSA HOUSE in San Diego is Co-owned by SANDA and BRIAN, and YOUR ENCHANTED GARDENER.

(L-R) Elaine Ingham, Sanda Everette, and Brian Everette celebrate the first mobile compost tea making truck at a SOIL WEB workshop featuring Elaine.

WANNA SEE PICTURES of SANDA and BRIAN'S activities in the San Mateo area?

: GO TO: Sanda and Brian Everette
Toward a sustainable lifestyle: grow some of your own food and/or know the gardener who is growing it. Communi-tea  Improve the biology and fertility of your soil....naturally.SANDA EVERETTE<>

State Senator John Vasconcellos visits Leslie at  the Enchanted Garden
 Intentional Community.

 LESLIE is a big fan and personal friend of California State Senator JOHN VASCONCELLOS, who has inspired the
POLITICS OF TRUST NETWORK. JOHN will be participating in THE ALCHEMY OF DEMOCRACY CONFERENCE this June at Asilomar. LESLIE says "Do not miss this very special conference orchestrated by the PRAXIS PEACE INSTITUTE.

Your Enchanted Gardener gives Heart and Soul
Award to Organic Flower grower Promoter DEE

I met DeeDee Lindner at the Organic Farming Research Foundation   Organic Farming Research Foundation  luncheon.

 I was drawn to the centerpieces, delightful arrangements  of flowers that were organically grown!

 DeeDee expressed a deep passion for her work--spreading the good work about organic flowers.  "Growing flowers organically is just as important as organic fruits and vegetables and other organic farming. My dream is to see everyone buying organic flowers."  She said.

I share her passion.  I am awarding
DeeDee my Heart and Soul Award for her participation in the Natural Products Expo West-04.  At the show, I do various Enchanted Garden Activities to promote the renewal of our Earth.   The bouquet that DeeDee brought to the luncheon added so much life to the show.  I wanted to see them more widely enjoyed at the Expo.  

DeeDee took some to the Press Room. I took some and carried them in my portable cart.  Others went into the children's room where they were used to create living Postage Stamps by the kids the following day.  A number of the bouquets ended on the
kiocks where the Expo staff directed attendees to seminar.  
Unlike many commercial flowers, these organically grown roses are fragrant.  They were a hit with everyone I met at the Natural Products Expo West, a recent Enchanted Garden Campaign outreach.

DeeDee works for Delaware Valley Wholesale Florist. She is single-handedly heading the organic flower division of this long established and well known florist, that both does wholesale and retail sales.  

I am planting a Seed Dream for DeeDee
that the marketplace for organic flowers continues to grow as the word
spreads of the importance of organic flowers.

May we all come to witness the growth of Organic Flowers for the good of all.

I know organic flowers are essential to renew our earth.

Sophia and DeeDee

Sophia's Postage Stamp. an activity  
with the kids at the Natural Products Expo Wes- 04,
the natural food industries multi-million dollar tradeshow. Leslie gave the kids seeds.

opened the NPEW'-04.
DeeDee's organic flowers added a delightful touch to our meeting--Your Enchanted Gardener

Organic Flowers at the direction Kiock at the NPEW-04. A trend begins.

One of my Seed Dreams is to see my adopted farming family, the RODRIGUEZ FAMILY of San Diego, do an experimental project where they convert a commercial flower field to organically grown flowers using ELAINE INGHAM and BRIAN'S method of compost Tea.
I can see this research project sponsored by the    Organic Farming Research Foundation
The RODRIGUEZ family are both organic food growers as well as owners of BLUE PACIFIC WhOLESALE FLORISTS, a San Diego based flower coop.  My farming family has their flowers in the Rose Parade on New Year's Day.

Actress Jane Seymour, keynote speaker at NPEW-04 has an organic garden at home.  Jane says that if you want kids to eat healthy foods,
get them to garden.  She is my kind of Enchanted Gardener,

Leslie Goldman is the Enchanted Gardener,a voice for the rebirth of Mother Earth.  Leslie encourages us to plant ourdreams in harmony with nature. .Do you know a person and project upholding and expressing the Heart and Soul of the Natural Produce
and Products Industry?  

and see:

Would you like some Job's Tears,
the Seeds of Life Fulfillment grown
by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted

Living at the Enchanted Garden Intentional  community is an exciting garden adventure.  Rooms are available as of April '04.  See the community profile page if you would like to find out more about living in the ENCHANTED GARDEN INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY.  The San Diego property will be undergoing vital repairs beginning Summer '04.