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The History of Peace on Earth Begins at Home
May 24, 2004

Subject:   Mild Indulgence--Weed Pulling for a better world--
Enchanted Garden Party Notes from Your Enchanted Gardener Leslie Goldman

Garden Therapy:
Enchanted Garden Style!

 I highly recommend
this Weed Removing Enchanted Garden Activity. Let me know your results....I am sure there are some weeds in your life you can pull, or feel free to come here for our Enchanted Garden Party, Sunday June 13, 1:30 PM-6:00 PM. RSVP 619.582.9669.
Garden Friends
Welcome!  Meet new people!  Learn gardening, and share natural foods from the Farmers' Market and grown here.

Come join
our Garden
619.582.9669 for the time
of our next
Enchanted Garden

Grapes, blackberries,
fruit trees,  and aromatic herbs
ask your presence during
seasons of the year!

 I attended an internationally acclaimed Personal Growth workshop not long ago that I enjoyed very much, traveling more than 1000 miles. We did a form of bioenergetic work, emoting and releasing old feelings, as we each got into a heightened frenzy that I sense will improve forms of engrained muscle tension and degeneration if adapted as a health building practice soon enough. In our workshop, we hit telephone books with rubber hoses. I discovered an Enchanted Garden version of this while clearing a mass of weeds, some two or more feet high, stubborn weeds with an attitude.  They were getting not only the best of our garden but of me. In reclaiming this garden space I began returning the soil to the Earth that was tightly holding on to the roots through beating the weed stalks against the ground, as I yelled out "No!" at the top of my lungs and brought to mind abuses I no longer would allow that were stuck in my bones. I felt energized and totally and completely in my body for hours, and it happened here, right in my own backyard. May 24, 2004

Damian is growing wheatgrass
and offers the trays and juice for sale.  

Wheatgrass, rejuvelac,
raw goodies RSVP, Damian,
(619) 306-6212

Free Heirloom seeds!

Garden together
5:30 PM
twice a month
in season
followed by

Scott Masters shares a story at one of our Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden Vision Revival
Beginning in January 2004, we began the Revival of our Gardens.