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Rooms for Rent
One Room available January 07
See Details below.
Private Room available January 07
$465.00 rent includes  utilities and supplies,
approximately $90.00 per month, Nikken Pimag Water System.
Work up to 12 hours per month--$10.00 and hour and take off up to $120.00.
Rent doing the Gardening is $345.00

This is a place where you will find independent living  
as well as the invitation to live
where people and plants are remembering how to grow together.

 Peppermint scented geraniumsand lots of herbs
to calm you.

This is a place where you  are invited to learn to grow simple foods and experience eating from a garden.

Please read Our Housemate

Our Shared Kitchen.  Charming old house, shared kitchen, living room, dining rooms and bathrooms.
During May  Pineapple
Guava Flowers
are blooming,
and blackberries are ripening!

You are Invited!
Hands on with Life in the Garden!
Live where
people and nature
are growing

 Join Us!
* A healthy environment
near San Diego State University

No smoking,
 no drinking, no drugs on  site.

Peace and quiet as well
 as opportunity
to live cooperatively
with others
on 1/3 acre surrounded  
by canyons.

* kitchen for healthy food preparation;  Vegan, Vegetarians; other healthy  diets, great!

* Access to extensive Healing Arts Library, featuring
as well as many eclectic resources.

This is a place to find peace
and quiet,  garden,
grow food, live with
trustworthy people,
 and Plant Your Dream!

Vacancy: YES
Nice size room
upstairs, hardwood floor
faces canyon.

RENT:  $365.00 a month.
Possible work exchange
for 12 hours a month
in the garden or help with
record keeping or maintenance.

With 12 hrs gardening;
Rent would be $445.00.

In addition, You are responsible
for helping with Daily Upkeep,
such as vacuuming,
helping with bathroom cleanup.

The room is internet

For more details,
please see: How the House Runs

Private bedrooms and lots of
privacy as well times to get to know other Residents you will enjoy.

Upstairs front bedroom, unfurnished, available,
May 2004.

Private Room available December 1, 05
$550.00 rent including utilities and supplies
or work up to 12 hours per month--$10.00  and take off up to $120.00.

Home with character, four blocks from SDSU, your own private bedroom, and
shared kitchen, dining room, living room.  1/3 acre surrounded by canyon.
Pay rent an option do 3 hours help each week with gardening,
and/or maintenance, or help with other work that allow the community to function.
  We all participate in Every Day Orderliness. Large
natural healing arts library.  Live with others.  Cooperative living
household.  Vegetarian great, but not essential.  Perfect for nature lover
and person who wants to learn to garden.  No smoking, drugs or drinking
please.   One bedroom available.   Internet  set up in
this room. Rent includes Utilities and shared supplies $80.00 range; May be
higher some months. See for more living agreements.