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Master Plan 2006-2026
In January 06' appraiser
Ed Woods from Washington Mutual
came by to do an Appraisal on the value
of our property.  The Co-owners are
talking. Sanda Everette would like
to turn the whole ownership over to
Leslie Goldman, AKA Your Enchanted Gardener.  

On these pages,  Leslie will
elucidate the Master Plan for 2006-2026.

January 19, 06
Appraisal is made...

Ed Woods visited our Cheramoya Tree
during his appraisal.  We definitely have an
unusual property, 1/3 acre surrounded by canyons.
One of our neighbors is now growing organic food
in the bottomland of his property.  There are numbers
of fruit trees and interesting herbs.  The land is located
within walking distance San Diego State University,
and the area is in redevelopment.  What role
can the Enchanted Garden Intentional Commuity play
to unhold some sense of natural integrity with this bio-region?

"Who ever thought that having peace on earth
could be as simple as gardening and learning
from the plants how to plant your dream!?"
--Leslie Goldman, Enchanted Gardener

In Enchanted Gardening, enlivening personal relationships with the each other and the Mother Earth is the key to the Return of the Garden.  

You are invited to bring more
Peace into your life through
participating in various gardening and decluttering projects on our 1/3 acre near
San Diego State University.

This is The Great Earth Clean UP!

We are paving the way for
enhanced San Diego Intentional Community Living.

Hear and Practice The Seven
Love Cures and and enhance
your Gardening Skills as you
Plant Your Dream in Harmony
with your inner and outer nature.

Mother Earth is asking that you
be her World's Greatest Lover

Come and learn how!

Your Enchanted Gardener
Leslie Goldman

This land filled with
greens and flowers and tremendous overgrowth.
 It's allpart of growing the Historyof Peace on Earth,
one plantand Seed Dream
 at a time.

The plants remind us how our dreams are intended to grow

 Peppermint scented geraniums
and lots of herbs to calm you.
This is a place where you can learn to grow simple foods and
experience eating from a garden.

Home of the
San Diego
Enchanted Garden Club. Join
our Garden Community!

The Great
Earth Clean Up!
For the date and time of our next Enchanted Garden Party Please Email

You are

Hands in
Life in the Soil
the Earth
and our
Soul are Soilmates.

'05 Schedule:
Garden together
2-5 PM
followed by
Light Veggie
Potluck and

Feng Shui Heart and Soul Angels and Your Enchanted Gardener at the International Feng Shui Conference, San Luis Obispo, August 5-10, 2004.  Left to Right:  Jan Smith, Leslie, Lou Stewart, and Anyo.

Be sure to help prepare
our property for
international Feng Shui
teachers and friends
who will be here

Garden Friends
Welcome!  Meet new and old friends here.

Share natural, organically grown foods from the Hillcrest Farmers' Market and sample aromatic
herbs grown here.

fruit trees,
aromatic herbs ask your presence!

Free Job's Tears,
The Seeds of Life Fulfillment
when you participate
in our Enchanted Garden

Sign our Guestbook.
Record Your Life as
Part of the History of
Peace on Earth.

Home of Scott Masters,
puppeteer, musician,
and storyteller.

Outlet for Anna Varnell
Job's Tears necklaces,
Razzle Dazzle home made
dessert creations by
Anna are served on
special occasions.

Schedule your Birthday
Party or wedding here
in our Enchanted Garden
or a Photo Session with
Your Enchanted Gardener.

Call Leslie at

Email Leslie
for directions to the

Free Job's Tears when you do!