International Feng Shui Conference '05

Thank You Note from
Marise and Roger

L to R, Paul Colby, Roger Green
Theresa Caprio, Marise Hamm,
and Leslie Goldman, Your
Enchanted Gardener collaborated
to co-create the Sixth International
Feng Shui Conference San Diego,
August 4-8, 2005.

The Sixth International Feng Shui Conference turned the Hilton San Diego Resort into a temple of ancient wisdom. Over 60 speakers,
30 vendors, and 400 participants energized their way through 5 days of lectures and workshops. People came from around the world, it was a time of comradeship, focused intention and open hearts. The Feng Shui Movement took steps toward more clearly defining ourselvesas "Sustainable Living Innovators."

Subjects were wide and diverse Vastu Shastra, Vedic Mathematics, ecology, Feng Shui for Real Estate, interior design, architecture, Taoist health dynamics, Feng Shui Astrology, BTB, form school, compass school and more.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who joined us and all those involved in helping to achieve a successful, exciting and satisfying time together.

A special thank you to all the speakers who shared their wisdom, Yasha Jampolsky, Theresa Caprio, Paula Colby, Samantha Steele and the incredible effort Leslie Goldman put forth as his army of people brought together the organic meals, his wonderful Enchanted Garden and our sponsors:

Rodriguez Family
Dennis Stowell
Wright Poultry
Cahuilla Mountain Farms
Steve L. White Farms
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
Frey Vineyard
Seeds OF Change
Whole Foods
Patricia Bragg
Fresh Meadow Bakery
Goldmine Natural Foods
Pi Mag Nikken
TSI Tape Specialty
Davis Farms
Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery

For additional information on Leslie's activities go to:

As opening ceremonies of the conference commenced on August 5th for hundreds of attendees, an amazing synchronicity towards sustainability came into being. In another part of the property the President and COO of the Hilton Hotel Corporation was meeting with members of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's Green Lodging Program team. The State of California on that day welcomed the Hilton into its Green Lodging Initiative that encourages State Travelers to patronize "Green hotels." The Hilton San Diego Resort served itís first organic meals to the International Feng Shui Conference attendees. History was made.

Why is this moment of synchronicity between big business, the state of CA and the Feng Shui Conference so important to the Feng Shui movement?

A recent article in the September issue of LA Yoga.;
Feng Shui Goes Glogal - no Cosmic states,
"Feng Shui is entering itís second incarnation,
 first there was the feng shui of landscape and interior design.
 We are now understanding through science, feng shui, geomancy and other studies of energy, political and economic power originates with the sacredness of the land. The ancient wisdom expressed at the conference and in these revealing times
is helping us find our way back to the sacredness of ourselves,
 the land and the skies above."

Thank you again to all those who participated, supported and helped us achieve this celebration of our art, knowledge, philosophies and practicality.

Warmest regards,

Roger Green
Marise L. Hamm

Thank You Note from Marise and Roger

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 All materials, ©, Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener, 2004

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