Int Feng Shui Conference '05 Review

 Feng Shui Conference

It is now months after the
Sixth International Feng Shui
Conference, August 4-8, San Diego
California.  For most of us
it was like a good meal.  We ate
it and moved on.  Some of us
would rather not remember....

1. Who is this man and what is he snorting?
Who is the Enchanted Gardener to the right
and what has he in mind next?

2. This is Anne Mansfield, President of the International Feng Shui Guild.  What is the
story behind the Chocolate?  Why did the Guild pay out hard cold cash to make sure
it arrived at this Conference?

3.  This is Libby.  She ate the Chocolate.
 Look at the results! Is this the behavoir one would expect from our Practitioners of Feng Shui
bringing in a new Vital Energy Model
of healing for the world?

4.  Women in Love...
What Possessed these normally upstanding women to lie down together in a Puppy Pile during the Closing Ceremonies of the Conference?

5. This is Evana of Feng Shui Fashions (rt) with Makada Dread, one of our Conference Media Co-sponsors. Evana paid out $100.00
to get the chocolate to the Conference, and Makada, our heroine, brought it from Whole Foods Market!

What is up with the Chocolate?

Your Enchanted Gardener
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