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 This CD contains Chi Raising Photography.  Many are
 Feng Shui Design Elements you can use to uplift your energy.  From the proofs you can order professional
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The CD of jpgs also Contains Digital images from the International Feng Shui Conference,
San Diego '05, and some from other
Feng Shui Conferences.  

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 All materials, ©, Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener, 2004

Jain, left, from Australia, taught inspired our conference with Vedic
mathematics.  One of the upcomingleaders in the field,  his energy was
matched in this photo by Laura, an attendee at the International Feng Shui
Conference, San Luis Obispo, August 5-10, 2004. Be sure to order the CD of jpeg Screen Savers.

The inspired Poems read and recited at the International
Feng Shui Conference are available on laminated Poetry Plaques.
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Super Ripe images
jpeg formated Screensavers
and Commemorative photos
of Enchanted Garden Activities
at the 2005  historic gathering.  

The CD includes samples of photos
from the "Organic Celebration"
Photo Collection.  These images
 may be ordered for framing.

Roger Green, Marise Hamm, more than 60 teachers, and an 400 attendees attended the Sixth International Feng Shui Conference and Workshops August 4-8 (with pre-and post workshops
at the San Diego Hilton Resort.

Dedicated to connecting Heaven, Earth and Humanity, this commemorative digital collection
captures the spirit of this landmark
event when Feng Shui entered
its second incarnation.

Board Members from the International Feng Shui Guild,  more than 400 members strong, invited our participation in the organization.  Left to right are Lynne Ashdown, author, Renae Jensen,  Anne Mansfield, president, and Diane Garber,  workshop presenter.

Stan Bagdal,  who creates
extraordinary healing and air purifying
natural Salt Lamps from Poland provided
these for our conference Altar at the International Feng Shui Conference, San Luis Obispo,
 August 5-10, 2004.

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macrobiotic quality grains
on our Altar were provided
by Jean Richardson

Live raw organic Sauerkraut and Ohsawa
Organic Nam Shoyu, the only soy sauce that's fresh and alive, are two of the high quality products that I want to see more widely used.  I have added both in my personal

Please also see the Enchanted Garden
Club Sponsor page on our Main Site for
other Heart and Soul friends.

Morning Glories, one of many images on the Feng Shui Retrospective.  I visited the gardens of Patricia Bragg, Health Crusader
in route to our 2004 conference.--Leslie

Closing Ceremonies at the International Feng Shui Conference San Luis Obispo, 2004.  Foreground, Marise Hamm, Conference Coordinator; Roger Green, spearhead behind the conference, and Alex Stark, teaching.
The theme of the conference was Heaven, Earth and Humanity.  More than 250 attended the heart centered,
gathering of Feng Shui  practitioners, teachers, and students from many schools.

Marina Lighthouse,
of  Feng Shui Shopper,  provided inspired music from her CD, Feng Shui Tune-up, by Marina Lighthouse is a CD
I recommend--Your Enchanted Gardener

Marina in 2001
at the Orlando
International Feng
Shui Conference.

Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener,
SEES and plants SEEDS of success
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 An ambassador of heart and soul, his influence is expressed through poetry that inspires intimacy and photo images that record the history of Peace on Earth. Leslie was given a U.N. Peace Medal in 1982 for the work he would do in his life. His mission is growing the Enchanted Garden, a name for our Renewed Earth. Coming off two Hip Revisions in 2001-2002, his project GETTING HIP aims to inspire Health Care to GET HIP to being all it can be. His Poetry Plaques, words men need to know and women want to hear, are called alimony insurance by doctors, health and nutrition Industry executives, and Feng Shui Consultants worldwide. Vitamin "L"--"L"  for love is his game. He shares love through introducing fresh fragrant herbs and heirloom organic seeds. "Gardeners make better lovers," Leslie says

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