International Feng Shui Conference '05

What is "Organic Celebration?"

Seventy percent (70%) of the foods supermarkets sell
have ingredients that are GMO's,
but we can take back our foods if you and I show our capacity
 to collaborate.
We are here to be The Big One--One Love
and the Choice is ours how we get there.

Most of us are living our lives
as Disasters, Chi cut off.

The Spiral takes us higher and higher
into opportunities to show our Love
one way or another.

What is "Organic Celebration?"

 "Organic Celebration" means living
in the Enchanted Garden,
a name for our renewed Earth.

 Make a garden where you live,
 a garden as big as one seed growing
or as large as a jungle.

 "Organic Celebration!" is natural.
Every seed sprouts, blossoms, fruits,
then goes back to enrich the soil.
Seeds belong to all of us.
 They are a gift from Mother Earth.
Let them feed the Human Child so our earth evolves.

 Seeds bring Seed Dreams down to earth,
so Plant Your Dream!

Raise up Heart and Soul everywhere.
This is "Organic Celebration!"

Declare Interdependence to All Life
so we have World Peace.

Know on a first name basis the farmers who grow your food.

 Say hello where you shop.  Make eye contact. Smile.
With every dollar spent,
sustain Heart and Soul inspired Industry.
Be intimate with your own life.
Turn what is given into something good.
Doing these things undermines terror,
amplifies security and allows war and suffering
to be things of the past.
Ensure that "The Future of Food!"
 will be whole, pure, natural, and organic.

 "Organic Celebration!" is Love...
 Allow your bottom line to be Love,
 an endless stream of flowing,
 nurturing love bringing us together with Heaven,
Earth, and Humanity All Nature says "Join fully now!"
Collaborate, and "Lettuce" Grow Together.
This is what we came for.
This is why we are here!
Congratulate each other for our bright future.
Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener

Written for the
 International Feng Shui Conference
2005 San Diego


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What is "Organic Celebration?"

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