International Feng Shui Conference '05

Welcoming Organic Celebration!

Samantha Jara, granddaughter of Joe Rodriguez Sr, and niece of Joe Jr,
AKA "Joe the Farmer," our lettuce grower,  has worked at the Farmers'  Markets with her family as long as she can remember.  

There was a time in our lives when no one knew anything but the pure tasteof whole, pure, and natural foods.  San Diego in the late 80's was one of the
growing capitals of the world that fed nation.  Our remaining organic farmers struggle.  Joe Rodriquez Sr., papa of the fourth generation Rodriguez family, questions whether it is wise to advise his grandchildren, including Sammy Jara to go into farming.  You and I can make it possible for local family farmers to say once again that "Happiness is Organic!" as we support "Organic Celebration!"

  Please become a friend of the farm now through Co-partnering and in every way possible making "Organic Celebration at the Hilton!", an Enchanted Garden event of the International Feng Shui Conference a raving success!  On July 17, 2005, I was at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market with Executive Chef Hermann Schaefer
and his son Jeremy and niece Leslie meeting the local farmers
 who are growing your lunch now.

The future looks so very bright, inspite ofall the "Dark Side of the Farm" issues brought to light by my dear friends from the Organic Trade Association
and the new important film "The Future of Food!"

The Hilton San Diego Resort, and some of my close
Heart and Soul natural product industry friends
are already Co-Partners of "Organic Celebration.  The cost of lunch, $35.00 per person, $100.00 for the three days, does not cover the cost  of  the quality of ingredients or the time that I have been joyously contributingfor two months to bring the reality of these lunches and this conference to fruition.

Chef Hermann Schaefer is an award winningSouthern California Chef.
 A mere 19 days before we eat, we are holding off on the menues because
some of the Heart and Soul inspired companies I know are going to want to be honored through having their foods included in our menus!  

I can see products arriving from them to the Hilton now.
I see Chef Hermann celebrating foods that have never before been served in a commercial setting being used at the HIlton!  Of course, I have a plan:  
This is my way of opening the door for these products.

I want to honor you, as a creator of a natural food
that I love and admire to call me now at 619.582.9669.
Let's solidify the list of ingredients you will be sending,
as a promotion and at cost, for this historic event.

The Hilton Management is already strongly looking
at giving Chef Hermann a weekly budget to go to the
Local Farmers' Market and buy lettuce and other
foods so fresh they do not even know
they have been picked yet!  

I am creating the "Organic Celebration!" photo exhibit
for your enjoyment as dessert for the lunch.
I am creating art hour by hour, with help from
my friends at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
who are allocating funds for Al Comanda on their staff to frame my photos.  I am so excited to be bringing
this art to you!  It shows the things I love--the farmers,
my garden, and the poetry that has meant so much to heal relationships.  

When you join the Enchanted Garden Club
and Co-sponsor these Enchanted Garden Activities,
you are making a statement of deep support.

I have a story called "I Write from Stuck Bones."
Stuck bones cannot stop me from holding
the deepest visions I know for humanity
and working in every way possible to encourage
you to bring your Seed Dreams to Life.

Your Enchanted Gardener,

Please join the ranks of our Sponsors
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Blessings continue in your life as we align
 to create a beautiful world
based on Collaboration.

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Please read and enjoy the photos!

Mother Earth thanks you and so do I.
Your Enchanted Gardener,

Partners for
"Organic Celebration at the Hilton!"

Co-partner participants attending the conference:
Jane Bock #1 Thanks Jane!!!

#2 Nancy Holbrook, Kentucky.

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