International Feng Shui Conference '05

  "Organic Celebration at the Hilton!"
 Food Growers and
Heart and Soul inspired Vendors

Herman Schaefer,  [left) Executive Chef, Hilton San Diego
 Resort and Leslie Goldman, Enchanted Gardener.

A Call to Collaboration

Roger Green and I had an idea that we wanted
 organic locally grown food at the Sixth
International Feng Shui Conference.
 This dovetailed with the Hilton
having a chef, Hermann Schaefer, who had a background in Organic foods.

See Press Release here.

"Organic Celebration at the Hilton!" was born.
We created a lunch meal plan, as well as a "Meet the Teachers Event"  where a number of ingredients would be locally grown.  We actually had different farmers growing food for the conference.  It turned out that out of the $35.00 ticket only $5.00 was allotted for food expenses.  In addition, the Hilton Vendor system was not set up to make purchases from locally grown distributors.  I called upon my local Enchanted Garden CLub sponsors, numbers of them from our local Hillcrest Farmers' Market.  A sizeable quality of food was donated.  I also called upon national Heart and Soul inspired companies I admire.  They became Sponsors of the "Enchanted Gardener's" lunches.  


Seed Dream:
Open up the Hilton Vendor system to get more
foods from our local growers and Heart and Soul
inspired natural products in the hotel.

What you can do:

  As guests of the Hilton, your feedback
 to the Hilton will help.

The State of California wants your suggestions.
How can the Hilton better accomodate their State Travelers who are interested in patronizing green lodging facilities?

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Your Enchanted Gardener

Sponsors are invited to join the Enchanted Garden Club and sign the Declaration of Interdepence on this site.   May Fortunate Blessings continue in your life as we align  to create a beautiful world
based on Collaboration.

Mother Earth thanks you and so do I.
Your Enchanted Gardener,
Leslie Goldman

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