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8 x 10 $10.00  

Feng Shui Design Elements
Flower Essence Photography
by Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

"As remarkable as it may seem,
all features of a flower including its color,
shape and fragrance combine to form a 'frequency'
that acts as an antidote to unbalanced emotional states.
Flowers appear to have been divinely placed on Earth
for the great healing purpose of displacing negative subconscious
memories and beliefs most people harbor,
or for filling voids in us where we have emotional chasms."
--Dr. Brent Davis

Specials through the Holidays
suitable for framing.

Beautiful Art Print
This is one of my favorite flowers that grow at the
Enchanted Garden Intentional Community, my home.

8 x 10 $10.00  

11x14 $20.00


Because She is A Woman
#2 of The Seven Love Cures

This art work combines Flower Essence
Photography with words that men need to know and women
want to hear.  Reading This Seven Love Cure outloud
has shown itself to increase intimacy.  
The Seven Love Cures are Women's Health Remedies.

 There are currently Seven poems in the series, two so
far that combine flowers and photos.
"Because She is a Woman" is widely appreciated.

8 x10 $10.00
11x14 $20.00

Want to order laminations of
The Seven Love Cures?

Rock Rose Print

Rock Rose flower brings me calm.  This flower blooms
in our front yard each Spring for one day each, reminding
me to live live fully.

8x10 $10.00
11x14 $20.00

If you prefer, you can send a check
to Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
6008 Arosa St, San Diego, CA 92115.
Please include $2.00 for shipping and handling each item
and 7.75% Sales Tax if you live in California.

Give thanks to our Food Growers and Sponsors here
who supported "Organic Celebration" at the Hilton San
Diego Resort, a feature of the Sixth International
Feng Shui Conference August 4-8, 05.

Thanks for Visiting!
Your Enchanted Gardener
Leslie Goldman

 Feng Shui Conference

It is now months after the
Sixth International Feng Shui
Conference, August 4-8, San Diego
California.  For most of us
it was like a good meal.  We ate
it and moved on.  Some of us
would rather not remember....

1. Who is this man and what is he snorting?
Who is the Enchanted Gardener to the right
and what has he in mind next?

2. This is Anne Mansfield, President of the International Feng Shui Guild.  What is thestory behind the Chocolate?  Why did the Guild pay out hard cold cash to make sure
it arrived at this Conference?

3.  This is Libby.  She ate the Chocolate.
 Look at the results! Is this the behavior one would expect from our Practitioners of Feng Shui
bringing in a new Vital Energy Model
of healing for the world?

4.  Women in Love...
What Possessed these normally upstanding women to lie down together in a Puppy Pile during the Closing Ceremonies of the Conference?

5. This is Evana of Feng Shui Fashions (rt) with Makada Dread, one of our Conference Media Co-sponsors. Evana paid out $100.00to get the chocolate to the Conference, and Makada, our heroine, brought it from Whole Foods Market!

What is up with the Chocolate?

Your Enchanted Gardener
Reveals ALL!

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There are numbers of
lovely photos inside,
and more will be added
in the weeks ahead.

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Be prepared to see women and men
in altered states planting a new
vision for our beautiful earth
through themselves.

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You are invited to join my branch of the Enchanted Garden Club so you and I can get on with having our lives record
the History of Peace on Earth.
Mother Earth, my employer, is asking
for more of us to become her World's
Greatest Lovers in the World.

I offer FREE phone Coaching to those who join the Club,
 and the opportunity for you to know that while you are doing
your thing, I am doing Enchanted
Garden Projects to make sure
you have a beautiful world that welcomes
your expression.

Your Enchanted Gardener
Leslie Goldman

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