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The International New Age Trade Show (Inats)

The International New Age Trade Show (Inats)

Mamaniji and Tanya of New Leaf Distributing Company
 bring Heartand Soul to Inat West '04.  Mamaniji is head of sidelines.  Tanya adds spirit to New Leaf, the East Coast's
largest New Age distributor.

Want to find out more about Inats?
Inats--The International New Age Trade Show--
is the ultimate new age showcase.  
 These images are from "The Community
of INATS West Digital Retrospective,"
available for $25.00 plus Sales Tax
 and Shipping using the Paypal below.  

The CD contains hundreds of jpegs
of my favorite Heart and Soul visionary people
 and their products from this not-to-be
missed upbeat  reunion of entrepreneurs
 who gather twice a year.

Mother Earth is asking that we each be
her World's Greatest Lover! To learn about
 this evolutionary
concept, please see this link.

 These images capture some of my favorite people
caughtin the act of being exactly who they are.

 Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener

All Rights Reserved.  Plantyourdream@cox.net
 All materials, ©, Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener, 2004

friends at TID Manufacturing
Photos from Inats

The International New Age Trade Show (Inats)

Do you know a person and project
upholding and expressing
Conscious Commerce
with Heart and Soul ?
and see:

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