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Natural Products Expo West 2009

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"I've been waiting half
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 for some desperate
moment.  Now. it's here."
  --Bob Baker,  Los Angeles Times Magazine

I see in my Mind's Eye NPEW-2009, a glorious display of power and inspiration.  Fredrik M. Linder, President of New Hope Natural Media, cuts the ribbon at the gala opening outside the Anaheim Convention Center.  The orchestra that plays the Oscars is out front, sponsored by the top natural food companies in our passion- driven industry. Kids from nearby schools are dressed in Fairy costumes they have made as class projects. The story of our opening ends up in Newsweek magazine; They sends reporters to  witness the takeover of organic foods as the dominant shopping choice in America.  I am the Enchanted Gardener, and as would be natural.  I read a poem in this opening ceremony that is appreciated by the Mayor of Orange County who sits next to  the Governor of California; They both enjoy the ALL the locally grown food served at the Organic Farming Research luncheon later at lunch time.

Miss America and her court,  and the San Diego Charger Girls carry delightful arrays of new products in their straw baskets as they tour the aisles of the Fresh Ideas tent; This Photo Op makes it into Playboy. There are special photos of the Charger Girls surrounded by Your Enchanted Gardener who serves them bountiful organic Veggies and invites them all to
attend his Vitamin "L" is for Love poetry and slide show presentation, that is now quite
the rage at NPEW.  By 2009,
"Because She is a Woman,"
one of the Seven Love Cures,
appears inside the wrapper
of Lynn Gordon's Woman's Bread as part their Tea and Poetry Program.

The keynote speaker  Saturday morning is the top quarterback in the NFL who eats organic beef on game day, and sugar-free dessert provided by the top heart and soul natural products companies.
The 5K the second day of our show draws some of the nations's greatest runners.  The winner is a vegetarian who shows up in the headlines of the LA and New York Times the next morning. He says he does quite well on a Vegan raw food diet.  The press is fascinated to hear his story supplied them by the Fresh Ideas Group out of Boulder, Colorado.
The final hour of the Expo,  Kids from a local South Central School in Watts are guided by their teachers for Shopping Spree day at NPEW 2009, sponsored by the group that collects our leftovers.  The kids feel it is like Christmas, Easter and Halloween wrapped into one.  The Industry generosity is noted by the press.   The kids will never, ever forget this experience in their whole lives,and the seeds are planted for them to become  Whole Food Market customers in later life.  They each take home bags of organic goodies that become quite a hit in the hood.

"The People of INAT's Slide Show" (International New Age
Trade Show) 2003 was a  presentation made by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, as attendees entered the room at the Denver Merchandise Mart for the Coalition for Visionary Retailers (COVR) Visionary Awards Banquet. On the screen in the foreground are Andrew Toplarski, show manager; Aubin Wilson, of the California Gift Show, and Rebecca Shuster, program director for INATS.    George Little Management, the largest Trade Show producters in the nation,  produce INATS.

All the food at the Anaheim Convention Center by 2009 is organic throughout the Expo and  makes such a lasting impression on the  Catering Staff that they now feature large organic offerings throughout the year.
Aramark and Sysco and the other suppliers report that their organic offerings are among their significant sales, especially to hospitals.
 As Leslie fills his herb basket with fresh delights grown within 50 feet of the Anaheim Convention entry his heart is full.  Everyone who enters  is  offered  a free package of Heirloom Seeds from his sponsor Seeds of Change.
There are so many gardeners among the attendees by 2009, that these gifts of heirloom seeds are highly prize. Everyone acknowledges that Heirloom Seeds are truly the New and Old product of the Year.
These heirloom varieties, once near extinction,  go home to create more beauty in everyone's backyard Enchanted Garden backyard.  There are so many diverse flowers and vegetables now growing through LA and Orange County that a commission from Middle East Countries sends emissaries to find out how they too can turn their remaining desert soil
into a fertile oasis.  No one has time for
fighting in that region.  They are too busy gardening.

Leslie's Plant Your Dream Seminar is a big hit at NPEW 2009. Everyone writes out the Seed Dreams they will be harvesting by NPEW 2010.
Some things never change at NPEW.  NPEW 2009 continues to be supplied with power generated by wind turbines; this serves as an example to all other conventions held at Anaheim.   
    The Saturday night party for the Industry is a hoot as usual with the dancers from Mountain People Warehouse not having aged a day since the 2004 show.
 Leslie has the last dance with Karen Raterman, of New Hope Natural Media, and fun is had by all.
Written in 2004

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