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Heart and Soul Stories
Heart and Soul Stories
"I've been waiting half
my life to tell somebody about Leslie Goldman.  Always figured I'd wait
 for some desperate
moment.  Now. it's here."
  --Bob Baker,  Los Angeles Times Magazine


Michael At the Newport Summit, a gathering of health and Nutrition executive leadership held at the Coronado Island Marriott Resort in July 2004, Michael Besancon was the first person I met coming in the door. Michael was part of the Retail Buyers Forum. The discussion delved into ways that retailers and manufacturers could partner to educate consumers about the safety, efficacy,
and healthfulness of natural products.

Michael Besancon's ideas go beyond just what the government wants or popular trends. "We have to continually raise the standards. At Follow Your Heart, somebody drove up to the back door and said, 'this is organic,' You liked them, and sold it as organic. Today our foods have a paper trail back to the seed."

"Organic, as a certification, has been about what you don¹t do. At Whole Foods Market, we are working on what we must do. We are concerned with animal humane standards in our overall use of a product." he said.

"We are creating a foundation--the Whole Planet Foundation--that will deal with sustainability issues and include social issues."

"A high priority for our stores nationwide is working with the local organic farmer. Back in the day of Follow Your Heart, there were local farmers. They were down the street. Now you have to reach much farther. Supporting local farmers is a trend. It is something that people want as a sense of community. To have a connectedness to the earth is to have a sense of who grew their food, and to put a face with the food. This is a major initiative for us."

Michael wasn't going to eat lunch after his panel participation at the Newport Summit. We went to a Marriott bench and sat in the sunshine.

Frank Console, a shopper at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market and Christie Lantz, of Cuhuilla Mt.Farm, have developed a friendship out of his shopping each week.  Christie grows many diverse foods, including
Pierro Grosso Lavender.  Nature makes thousands of varieties of foodsand herbs.  The exciting challenge facing our larger stores will be how to integrate the smaller farmer and the diversity "she" brings into the Whole Foods Market system.

I pulled out some special goodies from my picnic basket, gifts from local Farmers¹ Market friends. I offered him whiffs of Christie Lantz's Pierre Grosso Certified Organic lavender. I enticed him with two hearty Reed avocados from local San Diego farmer Steve L White.

I gave him a knife. On French Meadows100% Salt Free Rye Bread, he placed big dollops of Follow Your Heart Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise, a product made by his former partners. We sprinkled it with Dr. Jensen¹s Vegetable Powder.

I wondered if Michael had changed much over the years, and how his role as a corporate executive had influenced him. Back in 1970, he introduced me to the Essene Gospel of Peace by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, a popular book of the last millennium that awakened many people to vegetarianism. The book alerted me to my life direction. Today, Michael Besancon is in a position where he influences health and nutrition on national and international levels, and he still makes a great avo sandwich.

Whole Foods Market is to be commended for their Heart and soul in behalf of Planet Earth.  Through their Whole Foods Green Mission program, they focus on composting and recycling in all of their stores.  They have composted  7, 280.000  pounds of food waster per year, and recycled 2,190,000 pounds of glass, plastic, and aluminum, and 3,770,000 pounds of cardboard.  They have 3 solar-powered stores in Southern California.  A bag of compost cost $1.99.
My plants like it.--Leslie

Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener,
SEES and plants SEEDS of success
for super RIPE people and their DREAMS. An ambassador of heart and soul, his influence is expressed through poetry that inspires intimacy and photo images that record the history of Peace on Earth. Leslie was given a U.N. Peace Medal in 1982 for the work he would do in his life. His mission is growing the Enchanted Garden, a name for our Renewed Earth. Coming off two Hip Revisions in 2001-2002, his project GETTING HIP aims to inspire Health Care to GET HIP to being all it can be. His Poetry Plaques, words men need to know and women want to hear, are called alimony insurance by doctors, health and nutrition Industry executives, and Feng Shui Consultants worldwide. Vitamin ³L²--²L² for love is his game. He shares love through introducing fresh fragrant herbs and heirloom organic seeds. ³Gardeners make better lovers,² he says.

Do you
a person  expressing
Conscious Commerce
with Heart
and Soul ?

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"The Enchanted Gardener:
The Mystical and sometimes
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with chocolate peppermint."
--Claire Schneider

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