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New Enchanted Garden Club Members

Patricia Michael, award winning Permaculture designer,
and Colleague of Bill Mollison, founder of Permaculture,
gave an inspired  talk at our International Feng Shui
Conference, San Luis Obispo, August 5-10, 2004.
Designing with "The Book of Nature" is her specialty
and she will be giving a Designer's Course,"The Magic
Dwelling" in New York, October 9-10 for the NYSchool
of FengShui@cs.com.  We planted a Seed Dream
for her to do a workshop in San Diego at the
Enchanted Garden Intentional Community
Spring '05.  It is a great honor to welcome her
into membership in the Enchanted Garden Club.--
Leslie, Your Enchanted Gardener

Order more than 500 jpeg formatted Screen Savers and  Commemorative photos
of this historic gathering.  The CD
includes lovely garden images
from the home gardens of
Patricia Bragg, Health Crusader.

The History of Peace on Earth
is recorded through our lives one
Seed and Seed Dream at a time.
Together we grow the Enchanted
Garden, a name for our renewed Earth.

Much thanks to the following New Enchanted Garden Club and Soul Allies who I met at the International Feng Shui Conference.  I  know our world will never be the same.

--Your Enchanted Gardener

Diana Garber writes a newsletter that
goes out to more than 1000 people. I  highly
recommend her services.   Her Heart and Soul
shine. She may be reached

Stan Bagdal,  who creates
extraordinary healing and air purifying
natural Salt Lamps from Poland provided
these for Enchanted Garden Conference Altars .
His remarkable air purifying, healing salt lamps were featured at the International Feng Shui Conference.

Please visit our Sponsors:
macrobiotic quality grains
on our Altars  are provided
by Jean Richardson

Live raw organic Sauerkraut and Ohsawa
Organic Nam Shoyu, the only soy sauce that's fresh and alive, are two of the high quality products that I want to see more widely used.  I have added both to my personal

Please also see the Enchanted Garden
Club Sponsor page on our Main Site for
other Heart and Soul friends.

Caroline Patrick writes a weekly column
on Feng Shui. she created lovely art that decorated the International Feng Shui Conference San Luis Obispo,
 August 5-10, 2004.  Caroline Patrick, artist, herbalist and Feng Shui consultant, specializes in original art, workshops and murals. She creates images for your specific needs according to the ancient method of using the 5 elements of the earth to adjust your environment for harmony and prosperity.  Read all about her work at

 Barbara Spinelli, Success Balance Harmony,
is a Feng Shui Consultant  and a member of the
Performance Poet Association in New York  I look
 forward to doing a Vitamin "L" is for Love
poetry presentation in New York.

Suzee Miller, of FengShuiParadigms.com,left, listens as  Mark Waters, of Backcountry Productions, reads "Your Creation," one of the Poetry Plaques I was selling at the conference. Suzee's web sites are a model of inspiration
for those claiming a thriving Feng Shui practice.
Her niche is the real estate market.  
I highly recommend her services.
Manu Butterworth, Director of the Golden Gate
School of Feng Shui,  turned my head around about the applications of high quality essential oils that are being used in hospital settings. Essential oils can "eat up"
petrochemicals, he told us.

Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener,
SEES and plants SEEDS of success
for super RIPE people and their DREAMS.
 An ambassador of heart and soul,
his influence is expressed through poetry that inspires intimacy and photo images that record the history of Peace on Earth. Leslie was given a U.N. Peace Medal in 1982 for the work he would do in his life. His mission is growing the Enchanted Garden, a name for our Renewed Earth. Coming off two Hip Revisions in 2001-2002, his project GETTING HIP aims to inspire Health Care to GET HIP to being all it can be. His Poetry Plaques, words men need to know and women want to hear, are called alimony insurance by doctors, health and nutrition Industry executives, and Feng Shui Consultants worldwide. Vitamin "L"--"L"  for love is his game. He shares love through introducing fresh fragrant herbs and heirloom organic seeds. "Gardeners make better lovers," Leslie says

our Love

Do you
a person  expressing
Conscious Commerce
with Heart
and Soul?

Job's Tears, the original
Love Bead are easy to
grow and to Plant Your Dream!

and see:

Thank you for purchasing Poetry Plaques, and
Joining the Enchanted Garden Club. In doing so,  there is one more Enchanted Gardener in the world.

"The Enchanted Gardener:
The Mystical and sometimes
mystifying Leslie Goldman
 wants to change your world
with chocolate peppermint."
--Claire Schneider

 Would you like some Job's Tears,
the Seeds of Life Fulfillment grown


 If these simple Wisdom teachings bring joy and solice, you are invited to join my branch of the Enchanted Garden Club so you and I can get on using the Gift of Life as our lives record the History of Peace on Earth. I believe
that breakdowns through relating to others are intended to turn into breakthroughs.  With the gift of intimacy and touch, comes the opportunity to look at places where our Soul, now buried, wants to come to light.  I offer FREE phone Coaching to those
 who join the Club.

Your Enchanted Gardener
Leslie Goldman