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Keeping My Appointment with Reb Zalman

A Heart and Soul Story by Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener

Reb Zalman gives the Priestly Blessing.
Dalya-Miri Ralston, Artist, writer, and mother,
 receives.  Orange County, Fall 2003.

When Heart and Soul are active in the World, the Enchanted Garden is alive is us, and we are alive in it.  The day is simply miraculous.  We have our needs met without needing to go out to get anything.  What we are seeking is seeking us.  We are one with Love.
Love is one with us and can move
mountains or build Pyramids.

Such was the day
when I kept my appointment
with Reb Zalman.  

Reb Zalman, who is he?
He is the Zeyda, the grandfather
of the Mystically,
Chasiddically bent Jews
who are intended to be Nature lovers
 in this 21st century and deliver the Tree
of Life back to Mother Earth.

 They are Soul kin to the Breslovites of old,  
the forest-praying Jews of eighteenth Century Europe who would dance their way to God.
 They are Jews who write things like,
"Any natural act if hallowed leads to Me."

 Many of the Souls in this Jewish Renewal
Tribe are of the Essene Soul Group;
however, they do not know this yet
because they have not fully discovered
themselves as gardeners.

Reb Zalman's original vision for Jewish Renewal was inspired in part by Essene Soul Group activity.  See this link for more about the Jewish Renewal Essene connection.

 The Essenes are the Feng Shui practitioners
 of the ancients within the Judaic tradition.
They are another stream of Kabbalists.

Esoterically, in the annals of Essene history,
 the Essenes are Souls who understood Sacred Geometry, not only Sacred Geometry
as we know it today, but Sacred Geometry
of the Soul and Heart as well as numbers.

 In this state of Essential consciousness,
 all is possible. All is intentional.  
All is connected. Our mind, connected
with universal Mind, can do anything.

The Word becomes Flesh simply
 by saying it.  What we imagine

There is a story told that 144,000 of the Essene Soul Group wanted to build the Great Pyramid.  
They joined hands.  
They joined hearts.  
They joined Souls.  
They set an intention.  

They activated the energy within  stones
and the stones moved without moving
a finger.

The Great Pyramid,  in this Essene version of the story, was built without hard labor.
It was not  the Cecil B DeMille
Charleston Heston version.  This architectural design project had nothing to do with slave mentality.

The Great Pyramid, as the Essenes tell it,
was build through Benevolent Mind Technology. This means Mind connected
with Soul, and Body connected with

The Great Pyramid was built not only activating the Vibration within the stones, but through activating conscious Intelligence within the universe.  Such intelligence can move  anything Mind has a mind to move. Yes, Virginia,  Steven Spielberg kinda stuff.

So back to the story of how I kept my appointment with Reb Zalman on a very
Essene kind of day.

In June '04, I traveled to Denver to attend Inats--the International New Age Trade Show.

 I created a Closing Ceremony, and brought
 out some of my Poetry Plaques.  
The show was now over.   
I had set aside some free days
for the unexpected.

I wanted to spent some time in Boulder.
Boulder is a city
 that when people decide
 to build a Tea House,
don't just build a Tea House,
 they build Art.

Tea House Goddesses--  stand in a ring as the centerpiece of a dome-shaped edifice that is part of the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse in the downtown area within short walking distance of the Boulder Farmers' Market site where organically and biodymanically grown foods are profusely available.

 I had grown Holy Wheat during Spring--part
 of my Passover-Shavuot Holiday preparation.
Passover and Shavuot are two Jewish Holidays that celebrate the journey out of slavery and
coming together at Mt. Sinai.  

Counting the Omer is a daily ritual for this seven week period.  In ancient times this Counting was associated with the harvest of Barley and waving the grain.  Shavuot is also a time when Wheat is harvested.

 I wanted the Enchanted Garden wheat I grew in my garden to become the Wheat that would be grown out year after year as a symbolic and literal gesture of the Jewish people bringing the Tree of Life down to earth through growing some of the Holy Grains used in their rituals.

Wheat is central to Jewish ritual in ancient
and modern times.  It's overuse and misuse is also one of the easiest ways to run up a doctor bill.

(If you are interested in learning
more about the health value in commercial wheat bread and growing healthy bread with Holy Wheat, please go to my Essene School of Thought web site for a wonderful recipe on growing Sacred Challah. Challah is the Sacred bread made of wheat that Jewish people eat
every Shabath. )

So, back to keeping my appointment
with Reb Zalman...

When I arrived in Boulder,  I had no appointment with Reb Zalman.

 I did not even know
how to get in touch with Reb Zalman.

 I put out some calls.  Through a friend of a friend,  I called one of the Jewish Renewal Rabbis in town, Nadia Gross.

 On her first morning back from a Jewish Retreat in the Northwest, she took time to return my phone call.  She told me to call "Mary,"  Reb Zalman's  secretary.

(Of Course, the Zeyda of the Jewish Renewal movement would have a secretary named
"Mary."  So what else is new?)

I dialed the #.  I left a message for the Rebbe himself.  I told him I was in town.  I told him about my Holy wheat,  and that I wanted him to give a Blessing on my handful of kernels I had grown in my garden.  It turned out that Reb Zalman was right in the neighborhood!  He lives just up the street from the home of Rhonda Akin, my hostess.  I thought maybe I could drop off some, and he could do the Blessing on his


"I've been waiting half
my life to tell somebody
about Leslie Goldman.  Always
I'd wait
 for some desperate
 Now. it's here."
  --Bob Baker,  Los Angeles Times Magazine

"The Enchanted Gardener:
The Mystical and sometimes mystifying
Leslie Goldman wants to change your world Swith chocolate peppermint."
--Claire Schneider

Leslie Goldman (L)  consecrates a Seed of Peace with Reb Zalman Schacter Salomi at Day of Atonement around 1993,  Los Angeles California.  Reb Zalman's original vision for Jewish Renewal was inspired in part by Essene Soul Group activity. See this link for more about the Jewish Renewal Essene connection.

"The earth is seeking
to spawn life.
We can help her
or hinder her.
 The blessings is ours
when we help her in harmony. "
--Reb Zalman in Boulder
June 30, 2004
Wild Oats Health Food Store

Rhonda was on full-tilt-boogie to create a day
 for Women.  She had been promoted
to executive producer of this lovely Sai Ma
event.  She was being gracious in allowing me to stay at her home.  She was doing everything in her power to meet my needs as well as her own.

After I made my call. We left to keep a lunch
 date with her event team players.

We ate in a lovely Indian Buffet.  Little did I know that the original Wild Oats store in that chain was a few doors down from the restaurant.

By that time, I  had basically let go of seeing
Reb Zalman.

While Rhonda met outside of Wild Oats to continue her event planning, I went into the store to do some shopping and satisfy my taste buds some other way.

I dug into some blueberries,
while still in the store
 and dropped some on the floor.
I got down on my knees to pick them up.
I must have been quite the sight.  

Then I head a voice behind me,
calling me out.  

It wasn't the store manager.

 It was a man who was in a lunch meeting too.  He said, "The Rabbi would like to say hello."

I stood up and turned around.  Lo and Behold,
there was Reb Zalman, not more than 15 feet away.

I looked at him.  I was stunned.
 Then an electric jolt
of matter-of-fact  Essene "YES!" went
through me.  I came over and said,
 "What is this thing between us?  
You know this isn't the first time I ran into you in Colorado.  The first time I came to Colorado in '95 for the Kallah ( that's a gathering of Jewish Renewal Communities) you walked right by me at the Denver airport."

The Rabbi looked at me, and in answer to my question, said, "I don't know.  What is between us?"

He said he heard my message that I left on the phone.  I asked him if he had a moment.  I did not want to take too much of his busy time.

I went out to our Rhonda's car.  As I passed her, she was on the phone getting directions to Reb Zalman's house so I could drop off some of the wheat seeds, but that wasn't going to be necessary.  "The rabbi is inside Wild Oats,"  
I said.

I got the seeds.  I went back to see him.
I told him about the wheat I had grown.  He
gave me a little grain of a teaching in 30 seconds that helped me understand more about the role of growing Barley and Wheat.

Then he wrote me a little note on one of my
Seed Dream planting cards.

I gave him a Poetry Plaque to read to his wife

Reb Zalman and Rhonda
outside Wild Oats

On the way out to his car, he consented to have
a photo taken with Rhonda, who was excited
 to meet  the master Rebbe who had
 participated in a workshop earlier that year
in Boulder with her spiritual teacher,

We all parted ways.
 I felt very much connected
and inspired to grow more seeds
and build a few great pyramids.

To read more about Reb Zalman
and his teachings see this link.

I have a friend, Dr. Gary Hartman,
who left the body a few years back.
On special occasions, I would call him
on the phone to inform him that his
part of the EG Mobile,
 my '68 Volkswagen,
needed repair. He knew it was time
to renew his yearly Enchanted Garden Membership.

Well, your part of the EG Mobile
is now in the shop getting a new engine
 in preparation for the greatest year
of service and renewal in my life.
I am looking forward
to many moving adventures
growing the Enchanted Garden.

Feel free to make a donation
to keep Your Enchanted Gardener

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Your Enchanted Gardener, 2004

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