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Seven Love Cures
Post Cards

Order the Full Set of
Love Cures Post Cards.
Seven Laminated Plaques
you can mail to your loved ones
when you are on business trips.
the Full Set is less than one
Therapy Session...$70.00
The Seven Love Cures
have saved marriages.
They will keep your Love Live fresh
When you want to connect
just read these words.
Money back quarantee.

Single Love Cure Post Cards:
$8.99 each
and .90 shipping for one.
Please order the other Post Cards
and  other designs here:

The Seven Love Cures
have been called Alimony Insurance.
They will help keep any intimate
relationship heart and soul centered.
Their are Seven 8 1/2 x 11 laminations.
The reverse has an area to write a personal
message with a "Sharpie."  You can affix
63 cents of postage, address, and put
in the mail box without an envelope!
This is the Enchanted Garden "Mail"
enlightenment program.  The post office
will deliver these, but be sure to instruct
your local mail person.  Take a moment to
share the Soul Inspired words.
We all need a little more love in our lives.

These Love Cure Post Cards
are words that men need to know
and women want to hear.
They are Vitamin "L."
Vitamin "L" is Love

Your Enchanted Gardener,
Leslie Goldman