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Tiferet Institute:
Planting Seeds for
a Kabbalah for the Masses

The Promise & Problems in Mainstreaming Jewish Mysticism
December 18-19 (Kislev 28-29)
Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel
San Diego, California

“We’ve planted a seed.
Hopefully we can make it grow in many ways,” he said
[Rabbi Yakov Travis].
“We have all these people talking about Kabbalah.
Getting them to talk to each other can only be for the good,
especially when it comes to the Jewish world...
We need to progress from Kabbalah 101 to Kabbalah 501.

From an article in The Jewish Week
by Ira Rifkin

Watch the growth
of the Seeds Planted


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Leslie Goldman,Your Enchanted Gardener

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About this Photo:

This photo was taken at the Tiferet Forum
in San Diego December 18-19, 06.
I wanted to take a picture of the book.
It still had a clear plastic wrapping. Sparks of Light
are a central Kabbalistic theme. When I placed
the book in my basket, the light of the lighting
fixture above, created a circle of Lights on the cover
of the book.

Please respect a copyright on this photo.

8x10 print suitable for framing

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This photo was taken over the Enchanted Garden
Intentional Community
the day before the first Tiferet Forum,
in December 06.

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Three Dreams come true per year with
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Your Enchanted Gardener,
twice a year.

Thank you for taking this
opportunity to Plant Your Dream!

Thank you for making it possible
to for their to be one more Enchanted Gardener
in the world.

GOALS & OVERVIEW of the Tiferet Forum:

The goal of the forum was to begin a constructive conversation on the contemporary phenomenon of “mainstreaming Jewish mysticism.” We sought to bring the promises and problems inherent in this phenomenon to the center of the Jewish community's discourse. All presentations were followed by two respondents from the academic community and an open Q&A session. We sought to create a real interactive conversation...
The sessions were each be approximately two-hours in duration. The evening session was a panel discussion on "Kabbalah for Non-Jews?" with speakers representing a variety of viewpoints. The day-time sessions focused on three new phenomena, with keynote presentations from leading, controversial figures, including Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi (Jewish Renewal)--via live videoconferencing, Rabbi Michael Berg (Kabbalah Centre), and Rabbi Dr. Arthur Green (Hebrew College). The final session integrated small breakout discussions for all participants and a summary roundtable.

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