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Super Ripe Images

Please use this Paypal
for photos:

I am exploring using Snapfish,
an online photo ordering service,
as a place to upload various photo albums.
You can make prints of my copyright photos there
and turn them into gift items.

IT is like taking my photos to an online photo lab,
and letting them supply you with your needs.

The print costs on Snapfish are in addition to
paying to use my copyright images.

Your Contributions
for photos support
Enchanted Garden Projects.

If you are ordering photos or gifts from
the Snapfish site, use the Paypal here
to make a contribution for using my photos.

Suggested contribution is $20.00 per image
for web and print images for your projects.

Use of Super Ripe photos is by agreement for all uses other
that personal enjoyment.  Please be in touch.

Member of the Enchanted Garden Club
receive free access to Photo Albums on Snapfish
where you can puruse and download Super Ripe
Images and then pay accordingly for images
you use for you projects.

Use of Super Ripe Images for commercial
and non-profit uses is by agreement.
Please be in touch.

Images are also available on CD.
I will send these to you.

This Images site also contains various
photo offerings.

About Your Photographer.

Thanks for using my photography.
It makes it possible to do various
Enchanted Garden Projects.

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

Order a CD filled with  organic
and flower images for $100.00.  
Choose the ones you
want and make a contribution
for images you use in your projects.

Order the CD:

Beautiful Art Prints
This is one of my favorite flowers that grow at the
Enchanted Garden Intentional Community, my home.

8 x 10 $10.00  

11x14 $20.00

Super Ripe Food
and Flower Photos

8 x 10 $10.00  

11x14 $20.00

8 x 10 $10.00  

11x14 $20.00

Because She is A Woman
#2 of The Seven Love Cures

This art work combines Flower Essence
Photography with words that men need to know and women
want to hear.  Reading This Seven Love Cure outloud
has shown itself to increase intimacy.  
The Seven Love Cures are Women's Health Remedies.

 There are currently Seven poems in the series, two so
far that combine flowers and photos.
"Because She is a Woman" is widely appreciated.

8 x10 $10.00
11x14 $20.00

Want to order laminations of
The Seven Love Cures?
Go here.

Rock Rose Print

Rock Rose flower brings me calm.  This flower blooms
in our front yard each Spring for one day each, reminding
me to live live fully.

8x10 $10.00
11x14 $20.00

Enchanted Garden- April 7, 06
600 x 800 Low Res--$20.00

Rock Rose- Enchanted Garden
April 7, 2006

Medicine Wheel Reinitation...
April 7, 06

Milk Thistle,
April 6, 06
Enchanted Garden

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