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Welcome to the Friend
of the Farm web site.

Custom-Made Wreaths from
the Rodriguez Family are here
to add smiles to your Summer and
Fall.  Please order them now.

14" wreaths made of long-lasting
flowers, chilis, and baby pumpkins
are $35.00 plus shipping.

There are wholesale prices as well.


The Season of Wreaths:
A Poem and a Plea

 Makeda Dread of the World Beat Center, San Diego,
and Leslie shop  at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market, San Diego.  
Check out this beautiful Children's garden Project.  
Makeda and Leslie are old friends.

There is a changing shopping pattern
in San Diego.

These images
 taken at and of Vendors and Visitors
to the the Hillcrest Farmer'
illustrate that Farm-Fresh Food
and Friendship go together.

More and more people
are discovering that
The Hillcrest Farmers'
Market, 9 AM-1 PM, Sundays
at the DMV parking lot,
3970 Normal St, is a happening place.

Through these images I hope you catch
 a sense of the friendship
and good feeling at my favorite
shopping place in San Diego.

I hope to see you here some Sunday.

Your Enchanted Gardener,
Leslie Goldman

Why this site?

The easiest way
to cripple our world is to take
away the foods that help our Soul
connect to our body.  The most
sensible way to solve our food crisis is to support our local organic farmer
at our Farmers' Market.  Gi Joe
once defendedour nation's security.  

Now Joe
the Farmer , and Steve the Farmer,
and John the Farmer, and
Chrisy the lavender grower,
and many more local farmers and
growers are on the frontline
protecting our national security.

Not knowing who is growing our
food is like being intimate with a stranger!
Every dollar spent on food grown locally
by organic farmers his helping our
world Get Hip to what it will take for
our cities to thrive through growing
in harmony with our Mother Earth.

--Your Enchanted Gardener,

More about Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener

See:  Http://