Being The World's
Greatest Lover
for Mother Earth

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 NEWS FLASH from Mother Earth

NEWS FLASH--(Planet Earth) Mother Earth is asking that you be the World's Greatest Lover.

 She needs you to come to terms with yourself as a gardener, a gardener of souls, a gardener
of the soil.  She wants you back in the field growing out what started as two seeds coming together and producing you.  

To be the World's Greatest Lover is to become intimate with the stars, the sun, the moon,
and all the elements that the Great Plant Maker has placed on Earth to help All seeds grow.

To be the World's Greatest Lover is to be a great lover of the world in the world, and to regain intimate knowledge of all Mother Earth has made naturally to grow here in this world.

To be the World's Greatest Lover is to join the ranks of the immortal Souls who have touched a place deep inside where their lives and their living became Art.  Often this Art came from the struggle to live a Soulful live in spite of the brokeness and extremes.  Challenges present themselves through relationship and call us to find the courage to be the World's Greatest Lover for ourselves that we might love someone else.

How difficult the journey may feel at times, there are
natural, pure, and whole guideposts, and inspirations
from other Lovers of the World who have traveled this path before.

The Great Plant Maker has made a world of fragrance and miracle upon miracle of beauty in this world.   

There is the Soil, the living earth, that is here to grow all our dreams.  Living Soil is the womb
of Mother Earth.  It is a Loving act to build soil through composting. The Earth and the Soul are Soilmates.

Mother Earth is asking that you lay your body down on her, and become familiar with how Seeds are intended to grow here.

So, Mother Earth and Your Enchanted Gardener have created a program, a course of study for you because Gardeners make better Lovers.  Mother and I are asking that you take a deeper journey into Love, because the World deeply needs your Love now.

Your Enchanted Gardener
Leslie Goldman

This is what we are asking you to do:

  As your find your life inspired
by the material on this site,
please purchase a Poetry Plaque
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Beloveds.  Donations and Enchanted
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If these simple Wisdom teachings bring joy and solice, you are invited to join my branch of the Enchanted Garden Club so you and I can get on using the Gift of Life as our lives record the History of Peace on Earth. I believe
that breakdowns through relating to othersare intended to turn into breakthroughs.  With the gift of intimacy and touch, comes the opportunity to look at places where our Soul, now buried, wants to come to light.  I offer FREE phone Coaching to those
 who join the Club.

Your Enchanted Gardener
Leslie Goldman