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Your Creation

How is your Soul Inspired Creation Coming?  How can
  I encourage you?
What Can I say?
What can I do
to inspire you
to realize that it is you
who are making
 a new world?

This are the
 opening Words

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Because She is a Woman

In the infinite
Wonder of the life of every woman, is the moment to be
celebrated that she takes space.

This are the opening words
 from Because She is a Woman

Because He is a Man

Treat him gently.  
He is doing his best
 to find self-control
in a world that
is out of control.

These are the
opening Words from
Because He is a Man

SOUL Mates

It helps knowing
I'm in it for the growth,
my growth.
I know my life
 is about my Soul,
and how my soul gains through knowing you.

These are the
 opening Words
 from Soul Mates

Love Her Always

A woman is in
 your life
to DO nothing.
 She is in your life
 to BE.  
She is in your life,
 but her life
is her own.

These are the
 Opening Words

This is My Goddess
Prayer for You

The Love I bring you
is not of this Earth
as most people have created this Earth;
yet I am the Love
this New Earth
 has created
for this moment.  
your naked Soul in my

These are the
Opening Words
This is My Goddess
Prayer for You

We've Gone Beyond

We've gone
beyond words
into the heart
dwelling place
where you and I
are one
and felt your
Soul and Mine.

These are the
Opening Words

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