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Starting Your Own Memoirs
Below is a suggested  title page for your
Memoirs of the World's Greatest Lover.  

on this web site as Gardening tools
to develop an appreciation
of the words that allow intimacy.

 Read these Poetry Plaques
to your Loved ones and take in the words
as they read them to you.
These are words that men need to know
 and women want to hear to allow for

Create a three-ring binder
and  keep a Journal of your experiences.  
When we journal we are taking time to learn from our experiences.
 I invite you to
if you are drawn to the material
on this web site.
I offer coaching to members of the Club through
Phone time may be arranged.
 Begin your Journey into more Love reading
the  Blessings on Your Journey. Other pages
of this site including On Being the
World's Greatest Lover
what it means to be the World's Greatest Lover
for this moment.

These are
the Amazing
and Mystifying Adventures of

        (Your Name Goes Here)

who grew the Enchanted Garden On Earth through
being the World's Greatest Lover.

All Rights Reserved.
 All materials, ©, Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener, 2004