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on this site

Free Poems

Feeling Your Deepest Feelngs

On Line Poems
Garden Club Members
(or by contribution)

How did a 5'2" man
who can hardly walk straight
become the World's
Greatest Lover?

And more importantly,
how can you become the
World's Greatest Lover too!

All time favorite poems of
Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted
Gardener, that will touch your heart
and increase Love in your world
are offered on line to those

"Leslie's poems
are alimony
--Andrew Ralston, M.D.

"You certainly know women!"
--William Bugbee, M.D.
master surgeon for Getting Hip

"Leslie Goldman is
without a doubt,
the most in touch man
I have ever met!"
--Pam Morse
the Spa Lady


If these simple Wisdom teachings bring joy and solice, you are invited to join my branch of the Enchanted Garden Club so you and I can get on using the Gift of Life as our lives record the History of Peace on Earth. I believe
that breakdowns through relating to othersare intended to turn into breakthroughs.  With the gift of intimacy and touch, comes the opportunity to look at places where our Soul, now buried, wants to come to light.  I offer FREE phone Coaching to those
 who join the Club.

Your Enchanted Gardener
Leslie Goldman

All Rights Reserved.
 All materials, copyright Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener, 2004