Connecting to My Inner Lover
Feeling your Deepest Feelings

Connecting to My
Inner Lover

Between the Clutter of voices,
reverbing through the night
so constant I have to ask
is there no quiet,
I wonder, who it is I am.
On the beach, the bathers sit,
arching themselves in sand and water.
Even the seagulls have their way
through the air they breathe in and out
and call their own.
Where is the silent passage to myself?
Deeply, deeply, how I swarm above
and below it yet never in it.
oh for the gallant hour
I find me.

December 1976
from Loving Together self published 1976
I've decided to go on
and live my life
because no one else can;
if I don't who will.
I've decided
because I have two feet
to learn to stand up on them.

I've decided to accept the tide
that breaks but repeats its motion
unceasingly, confidently.
It returns with love and more love.
There is no permanent recession about it.

I want to accept that it's important
I do this because someone dear
is down the road loving me,
someone I haven't met.
Let the someone I meet
be me.

from Something I have to Say,

 Feeling Your Deepest Feelings

Poems include:

Praise glory to those who feel
their depths,
who do not mask their tears,
anger, sorrow, loss regret...

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