Prayers to Mend the Heart

Prayers to Mend the Heart

We are Gentle Parting Way

Allow our parting ways to be
a conscious separation that enriches
both of us and keeps alive our capacity
to Love.

Let our separation be an evolutionary act
that allows us both to stand more firmly
on our own feet snf in our own lives
as Whole Beings.

Grant us both a harmonious transit
to the next place in our lives,
as the full and rich
nuances of our meeting continue
to turn gently into creative expression.

Allow me the grace
of this moment of reflection,
where I continue to praise
all that has been for my good growth
from another human being.

Through contact with her female essence,
I am further awakening my inner female essence to befriend me.

May the healing energies in my request
for peace and the essence of male strength
be used freely by this beautiful woman
who has been my Lover.

May she use these energies in her Life now
to enrich and clarify her purpose,
and meet the challenges of her day.

May I stand in the awareness
that all we have shared
and this expression of separation,
 is Divine.

May I be a better Lover in the world.

March 3, 1992
from Prayers to Mend the Heart

I've decided to go on
and live my life
because no one else can;
if I don't who will
I've decided
because I have two feet
to learn to stand up on them.

I've decided to accept the tide
that breaks but repeats its motion
unceasingly, confidently.
It returns with love and more love.
There is no permanet recession about it.

I want to accept that it's important
I do this because someone dear
is down the road loving me,
someone I haven't met.
My living experiences
are a gift to them
and theirs to me because
no one can make life alone.
Life is something
it takes two or more to share.

from Something I have to Say,

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