I am Your Mother Earth

I am Your Mother Earth

I am your Mother Earth.
You are born on earth to receive
the bounty that is here and now
for your taking and giving.
I made you to renew the bounty
that was placed naturally here.

Receive my bounty through rejoicing.
Rejoice through sharing;
making and breaking bread together;
working together;
playing together;
Feeling alone and feeling together;
Loving together;
Loving the space you are in together,
and the places within you
that have never been felt
by any whole being
before you on earth.

I am your Mother Earth.
You extend my bounty through loving me and sharing your beauty.

I touched you when you were born.
I touch you now as you embrace each other. I fill you now with the capacity
 to be renewed now.

Welcome, to your whole being.
Welcome to peace on earth.

May 12, 1989
4:38 A.M
excerpted from my book
The Rebirth of Mother Earth

 I, and my Mother
the Earth,
are Rising Together

If the world were in truth disconnected, if people,
and nations, and rocks,
and rabbits, and trees,
had truly nothing in common,
then there would be no
Mother Earth
that we are part of
and is part of us.

The truth is,
 there is a Mother Earth
and we are part
of this Mother Earth.

Every little pain and pleasure
is here pain and pleasure;
and every little pain and pleasure
we each have belongs to all of us.

And so the earth evolves.
And so, we each are called to be
more sensitive to the earth
and to the bonds of friendship
we each share.

The very nature of ourselves unfolds.

We become more sensitive.
Latent abilities ask the courage
to be expressed through us.

Shall we deny these increased sensitivities?

Shall we continue to drug our

Shall we continue to to attempt
to subdue the tiny viruses
that come to awaken us to
new reverence life itself?

I, for one would rather be open.
I am feeling the depths
of my personal and universal pain
and pleasure that I might evolve
and the earth might grow.

If the body of the earth is in pain
because her spirit is in labor,
who am I, as her natural offspring,
to hold back my rebirth,
or deny what feels broken and
frightening inside me?

I, and my Mother the Earth,
are rising together.

December 1988
July 9, 1989
from The Rebirth of
Mother Earth

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