Essene Sources: On Love and Harmony
God is Love.  On Love and Harmony
Giving Thanks for These Essene Understandings

 The Essene Creation Myth

There is a story told that there were once Angels who stood in perfection,
 but wereso enamored by the beautiful maidens of earth
that they became involved in matter
and lost their identity; This is the meaning
when we speak of the fall and falling in love;
yet the Souls remains in perfection,
and as the Souls of these former Angels returned to Love through remembering the purity of Love itself,  the entire earth evolved through their personal activity.

Who cannot say that this is the path
weeach as individuals as destined to follow,
and  that the Fall and the Rising is not
the rising up that comes through each
of us?  This is the essence of the Messianic
story, that through one Soul rising,  one
man rising, one woman rising, the
entire planet is lifted.  May it be so
though you and I.

Esoteric history records other souls
as well who were reknowned and know
for their Love.  One such entity was John
the Beloved, who in some circles was
called the favorite of the man named Jesus.
Jesus was called the World's Greatest Lover
by some.  The following is from a channeling
by John, son of Zebedee, for the Essene School of
Thought in 1979 through the trance
 Medium Kevin Ryerson in 1978-1980.
 I co-founded The Essene School of Thought  in 1978.
More than 100 hours of Essene teachings in transcriptions
and audio form exist.  A kernel of these teachings are the Essene Wholistic Helaing Model, currenting being
edited into book and on-line studies.  

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

On Love and Harmony

God is Love.
Love is Harmony,
and Harmony
begets Peace
Love binds the universe.
Man and woman should never
mock the simplicity of Love.

God is Love, and Love is harmony,
and Harmony begets Peace.

You may have harmony with
all manner of things,
with your environment,
with things animate and inanimate.

All things are made up of the senses
and how you perceive them.

There are five great religions
upon the Earth,
so in turn we have five senses;
As we are shaped, as we perceive
through our five senses,  
and so is the planet shaped
in its philosophical and spiritual

All the great bodies of thought teach but
one thing, one God, one religion, one Love.

All things reveal but one system of thought,
that God is Love, and Love is Harmony.

The desire to bring forth Harmony
 is Peace itself.  Peace of Mind,
a tranquility upon unbroken waters.

In a state of Peace,
the slightest ripple is known.

It is as a mirror that reflects the sky above,
and knows everything that dwells beneath it.
This state of mind is all encompassing,
all knowing, and has a substance
and trangibility all its own.

Harmony among all things,
even to the establishment
of the sustenance of foods exists
as an unbroken chain from the most minute
particles to the great whales of your seas.

All these things are independent,
one upon the other
in a state of harmony that
has existed for eons upon eons
as a great act of Love.

All these things bind you together.
It is but one energy, this one Love
that gives any sense of purpose,
any sense of well being,
and sense of Peace.

There is no such thing as good or evil.
Good or evil is an excuse to make judgements
and to make war, and to smight one another,
and to cause inner disturbance.

There is no such thing as time and space;
there is only patience and experience.
When you are amidst experience,
and the fever is upon you,
you have no sense of time.

If you master patience,
the substance that dwells between experience,
you are the master of perception.

If you perceive ever continuously in Love,
then Harmony is begotten.

Harmony releases the mind and puts
the mind at peace.

Look upon the face of the person that
sits next to you.  Here you will find God.

God is in each one of you,
and makes all equal.
To be as God is not to have power
over life or death, for death does not exist.

There is only life unto life.
Life is made up of your inner activities
with each other.

It is by this activity that you live.
For you live by every word that
proceeds from the mouth of God.

In the beginning was the Word,
and each of you are as that Word,
making up a single paragraph
in the Book, but only one Book.

Each of you are an individual Word,
and live by each other.  
By Love for each other,
you are bound up and made as one;
that one is God, and God
is Harmony, and God is Peace.

Walk in this,
thy Father's and Mother Earth's Light,
God Bless you.


--John, son of Zebedee,
October 1978

 Giving Thanks

The inspiration behind
the Esoteric meaning
of " The World's Greatest
Lover" comes from the Essene stream
of inspiration that has bathed
my soul in this life.
For more on this, please go

My first Essene teacher in this life is
Dr. Bernard Jensen (1908-2001) who solidified
within me Essene understandings,
and introduced me to his dear friend Edmond Bordeaux Szekely (1905-1979) the 20th Century Essene Renaissance pioneer.  I am one of the last ministers
ordained by Professor Szekely.

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

"On Love and Harmony"
All Rights Reserved.  
 ©, Kevin Ryerson,
edited by Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener, 2004

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