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See the Whole Poems
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 Come Inside and
see The Seven Love Cures


I trust you.  I have to trust you.  Your future in Love,
 the future of our sustainable world
depends on your Integrity.   

Behind this welcoming gate are The Seven Love Cures,
words that men need to know and women want to hear.

Every step taken to increase Understanding between
one man and one woman brings
the Enchanted Garden closer again to Earth.  

You are the man.  You are the woman who can do this.

I welcome you to experience the priceless healing
that is possible through ordering copies of
The Seven Love Cures.

When you read the laminated hard copies out loud
you will see Love transformed as Soul inspired Intimacy
is activated.

These poems are my livelihood.  They are freely given to uplift
you, but they are not FREE.

Fill out the form below.  I will send you the Password Gate.
You are welcome to look at the poems so you cna order them.

In entering, please AGREE that you will not print these poems off of this website.
Feel free to let others know they are here by sending them to this page.

There is an order form on the bottom of each page that will
direct you to a purchase site.  

 There is Wholesale information as well here.

Thank you for purchasing these poems,
and introducing them to those  you Love and trust--
including stores in your area. In doing so, you are on the path
to be one of Mother Earth's World's Greatest Lovers.   

Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener

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