Herbs that Enhance Intimacy
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I highly recommend that you become intimate with each of these herbs.  Please grow them in pots orin large patches.   Allow these herbs to inspire you to become an Enchanted Gardener both of the soul and soil.

When you grow these herbs you are expressing a loving act
for our Mother Earth and you will be rewarded by drawing more love into your life.  

Aromatic herbs bring us into our body.
They bring us into our skin.  
They bring us present.

Nature's herbs enliven the senses
and connect feelings
with body, creating an openness
 where heart can then
connect with soul.

1.  Lemon Balm

Heart shaped, this lovely gift from Mother Earth
is in the shape of the heart.  Soothing and calming,
grow this plant and drink it during those times
when you need to refresh your own heart.

2.  Lavender

A very special plant, there are many kinds
of lavenders you can learn to grow in your garden.
These are good for relaxing and baths.

3.  Chocolate scented peppermint.

This aroma is a must for reentering the
Enchanted Garden in every sense.
Have this plant growing around you.
It will grow in pots.  Take a number
of stems of the plant, about three inches
long from the top.  Rub, Rub, Rub
between your closed hands.  Bring
your hands up to your face and cover
your nose.  Close your eyes, and breathe
in deeply.  This will change your
world in 15 seconds.

4.  Lemon Grass

This delightful herb is part of my favorite
tea.  Boil water, and then turn it off.
Mix in a about ten five inch lengths of
Lemon Grass, and a large handful of
Speariment, and Lemon Balm.  
This tea is wonderfully sweet as is,
or add some raw, unfiltered honey
for an extra treat.

5.  Spearmint

This is a delightful fast growing herb
that loves water and will grow tall.
It is refreshing.  It aids the digestion.
Mix with Lemon Balm and Lemon Grass
for my favorite tea.

6.  Rosemary

This plant can be grown in a large pot.
In Western states, it will grow very large.
There are many kinds of Rosemary.

Rosemary relieves stress and headaches.
It is a cleanser for the liver.

For a headache, put some in a pot, boil,
and breathe in.  A sprig of rosemary will
help you remember your sense of

7.  Aloe Vera

This herb is a fun plant to rub between hands
of you and your partner.  For a sore, achey
muscle, rub in into the area that hurts.
Aloe Vera dries with leaving a stickiness.
You can grow Aloe Vera in a pot.

8.  Scented Geraniums

There are many flavors of scented geraniums
that inspire the senses.  Test some out at your
local nursery and find your favorites.  I .love
rose scented geranium and peppermint scented

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