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Blessings on Your Journey
Blessings on Your Journey

I invite you to
create a binder where you record
your experiences --a journal of  the
Memoirs of your journey into Love.
May the poems you find on this site
inspire your own journey into Love.
May the world be filled with new songs,
 new poetry, and endless beauty
out of your courage to love and learn from

 May our future world look back on your life and see the Love you have brought forth as the History of Peace on Earth.

May your own Love
restore what it means
to be the
World's Greatest Lover
for our Earth and all Life
as you see yourself
standing heart to heart
with Souls in this world
and through the veils
in an endless stream of Love.

May your growth, that began
as a Seed, continue to
grow in the Enchanted Garden,
a name for our
renewed Mother Earth.

Out of your wholeness
as well as your narrow places
may more Enchanted Garden grow.

May you become intimate
with the power in the Seeds
of your own making.  

May you become intimate
with the power in the Seeds
of everything that
the Great Plant Maker gives us
to make a whole, pure,
and natural world.  

May the living blood
of Mother Earth run through you.
May it cleanse, purify,
and uplift you as simply
as it compels a simple blade of grass
to stretch for sunshine.

May you become
intimate with your own Soul
that is a Seed of the Great Plant Maker.

May All Seeds of all Plants feed  
and remind you of the Love you are.
Your Love is deeply needed
in the world now.

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

"Let us seek truth everywhere; let us cull it wherever
we can find its blossom or its Seed. Having found the seed,
let us scatter it to the winds of heaven.
Where ever it may come, where ever it may blow, it will germinate. There is no lack in this wide universe of souls
 that will form the new ground." --Roman Rolland,   

--From The Forerunners.
Nobel Peace Prize for literature, 1917

 "We want to emphasize that while it is a mistake NOT
to live in the twentieth century, it is an ever greater mistake
ONLY to live in the twentieth century."
--Edmond Bordeaux Szekely,  
Essene twentieth century renaissance pioneer
Co-Founder of the Essene School of Life
with Deborah Szekely at Rancho La Puerta, 1940.

" Much of what we are trying to do for others will never reach them, maybe not today, perhaps not for ten or fifteen years,
yet we will continue to send it."  --Dr. Bernard Jensen,
In Survive This Day.  See In Tribute to Bernard Jensen

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