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"The greatest thing you'll ever learn
is just to love and be loved in return."
--from the song Nature Boy
Lyrics by eden ahbez, 1947

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These words are excerpts from
my Poetry Plaque "Your Creation":

How is your Soul Inspired
creation coming?

How can I love you?
Can you feel my love for you?

Thank you for taking these words in.
Thank you for taking time to think
of others you know who deserve
to hear you speak these words to them.

Read "Your Creation" often.  It is  the heartfelt
appreciation of the Great Plant Maker for you,
and expresses your heartfelt appreciation for others.

"Your Creation" and six other Poetry Plaques are size
8 1/2 by 11 inches and come laminated.
They are intended to  stand
 next to a vase of flowers
or posted on a wall. "Your Creation" now features
a back side that allows the Plaque to be mailed
without putting it in an envelope.  Just put on a
.60 cent stamp, address with a Sharpie Pen
and mail.  See Back side.

The Whole Poems:

Register here to see
 large size versions of the
Poetry Plaques offered for sale.

Wholesale Prices are on this
site for those of you with resale licenses.
Please tell your favorite shopkeeper
and these Poetry Plaques.

Activities on this Site

I invite you to purchase and use the Poetry Plaques on this
web site as Gardening tools  for developing relationship skills.
These words allow love to flow.

These Poetry Plaques are words that
men need to know and women want to hear
to allow intimacy.

These poems have been called Alimony

 Read these Poetry Plaques to your Loved ones
and take in the words as they read them to you.
Create a three-ring binder and  keep a Journal.

As you pick up inspiration from the
Poetry Plaques, please consider

You will find here poems to awaken your
heart and uplift your spirit.

and by Contribution

Some all time favorite poems from
my various self published books.

"The most powerful, self-healing, self accepting
and self love I've ever heard."  --Rebecca Garcia,

"You powerfully express feelings which many of
us have but do not let free.  Your poetry releases and renews."
--David Williams, Bureau Chief, Department of Land Management,
Washington D.C.

On line poem and articles include
Heeding the Call to be the World's Greatest Lover.
More poems will be added from my
most popular books.

This page will link you to my site
where you can become a member
of the Enchanted Garden Club.
Joining the Club allows me to support
you  in the growth of your deepest
Seed Dreams and the Dreams of our
Mother Earth for you.

What is it to be

NEWS FLASH--(Planet Earth)

 Mother Earth is asking that you be the
 World's Greatest Lover. See the full story

I am your Mother Earth.
You extend my bounty
through loving me and sharing your beauty.

And so the earth evolves.
And so, we each are called to be
more sensitive to the earth
and to the bonds of friendship
we each share.

 Inspirational Guideposts
Reflections from the
World's Greatest Lovers:

What is Love?

from a channeling from
John, Son of Zebedee, through Kevin Ryerson

"Look round our world;
behold the chain of love
Combining all below and all above."
--Alexander Pope

by Professor Edmond Bordeaux Szekely

 Each member of the great Human Family received a spark
from the Eternal Divine Fire.  Many of them were unable to keep it alive
 and lost the Divine Fire; but he who preserved it became a Genius.  
And life became beautiful upon the Earth.

--Hanna Jacob Doumette, The Mighty I

"The masters of literature, of science,
of art, of music, of poetry, of architecture,
were declared Masters because of their
Song of Life which when they sang
on earth was heard and echoed in heaven."
--Hanna Jacob Doumette, The Mighty I

Words from Thoreau
on writing, Journaling, and Love

"Write while the heat in in you."

The following are some of my favorite quotes
I hope they inspire you as much as they have inspired
and resonated with my own writing process,
and way of being in the world.

Loving our enemies..from Survive..this day
by Dr. Bernard Jensen

BIO NOTE ON Leslie Goldman

Leslie teaches how to grow the Enchanted Garden,
a name for the new Earth we can bring into the present,
one freed Seed Dream at a time,
one tiny seed of wisdom at a time.  

"We need not go back to Eden
to heal understanding  between men and women.  
We can go forward to grow the Enchanted Garden
between us.  

Leslie says.
" A man who appreciates flowers
will have the sensitivity  to appreciate something
as beautiful as a woman.
Gardeners make better Lovers."

Bringing our Love Down to Earth:

When you grow these herbs you are expressing a loving act
for our Mother Earth and you will be rewarded by drawing more
love into your life.  Aromatic herbs bring us into our body.
They bring us into our skin.  They bring us present.
Nature's herbs enliven the senses and connect feelings
with body, creating an openness where heart can then
connect with soul.

 May our future world look back on your life
and see the Love you bring forth
as the History of Peace on Earth.

May your own Love restore what it means
to be the World's Greatest Lover for our Earth and all Life
as you see yourself standing heart to heart with Souls
 in this world and through  the veils
in an endless stream of Love.