The Song of Life

The Song of Life

 --by Hanna Jacob Doumette,
from The Mighty I

"The masters of literature, of science,
of art, of music, of poetry, of architecture,
were declared Masters because of their
Song of Life which when they sang
on earth was heard and echoed in heaven.

Their inspiration of moldling and evolving
the world they freely bestowed, without effort.

They outpoured, not seeking reward or honor, lavishly devoting their love to beautiful, sublime and noble living and dominion.

Through their immortal emanation
they consecrated the Lord within them,
 the spirit of their ideas to the service
and the bliss of humanity.
These achievements of freedom
are the life mysteries foretold by the prophet,
the culture and wellbeing contributed by the writer,
the life-infatuation of the poet.
 They are the heavenly melodies
of the master-musicians,
the living art of the inspired artist,
the victories of the hero,
the ever-enduring structure of the architect
and the sacred blood shed for everlasting libery
upon earth by its immortal children.

These divine songs of the Immortals
are the life and the glory which they have borne
 from heaven to earth as the kernel of their heart,
the color of their destiny, the character
of their being and the object of their mission."

--Hanna Jacob Doumette,   The Mighty I

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