The Gardeners Make Better Lovers Program

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Gardeners Make Better Lovers
This is what Mother Earth
and Your Enchanted Gardener
are asking you to do:

1.  Purchase a copy of Your Creation.

Begin reading this Poetry Plaque to yourself
and others.  Read the opening lines in the set of seven Poetry Plaques.  Purchase a set
as you are inspires.  please  show these poems to  store owners where you shop.  Please tell others about this site.  The purpose of this site
is to inspire more love in the world.  

2. Enter Plant Parenthood.

You can do this!
Plant are here to remind us
how to become
intimate with ourselves
 through nature contact.

There are two parts parts to Plant Parenthood
in our Gardeners Make Bettter Lovers Program.

Part One:

Adopt some baby herb plants, and grow them.
Just one plant does a World's Greatest Make.
in doing this you are on the path to becoming
an Enchanted Gardener yourself.

If you haven't a garden, visit a nursery.
get yourself a plant friend, something
that started as a Seed, just like you.
Pick a few plants with aromatic essence.
Experience how different your world is
through nature contact.

Please begin growing the herbs yourself that
enhance intimacy and help bring Love down to earth.  
Please read  Herbs to Enhance Intimacy on this site.

When you grow these herbs you are expressing a loving act
 for our Mother Earth and you will be rewarded
by drawing morelove into your life.  
Aromatic herbs bring us into our body.
They bring us into our skin.  They bring us present.
Nature's herbs enliven the senses and connect feelings with body,
 creating an openness where heart can then connect with soul.

Part TWO:  Grow some Plants for Seed.

We are all seed carriers by nature.
Why stop short of knowing the diverse
varieties of seeds
that are intended to grow into plants?
Plants ask that we enter into plant parenthood
with them;
They are here as reminders of how beautiful our world can be.
 Plants are here to grow love in our lives and through this,
Peace on Earth.

I am asking that you grow heirloom, organically grown seeds. I highly recommends seeds from the Seed of Change Company, and Horizon herbs in Oregon.  Both are Enchanted Garden Club

of your new life as you come to expand
what it means to be the World's Greatest Lover.

From out of your Garden Management Journal,
allow your Memoirs and Poetry to emerge.  Memoirs generally  
are autobiographical notes and records.
The writing of  your Memoirs need not be for public consumption.  
This is intended to be an exercise to spark your Soul growth.  

I am asking that you deeply learn from the experiences that life is giving you.  Take time to allow your Song of Life to emerge through the gift that relating to others brings.  From your soul growth, allow your Song of Life
to be heard.  

I invite you to begin a new Amazing and Mystifying Adventure today deep into yourself through finding the courage to find the World's Greatest Lover within as well as in others.  Here is a sample page for your  title.

To help you warm up to the idea of keeping your Garden Management
Journal, I have included on this site  an index of some of my own poetry. Some of my poems that are offered for free, as well as a request that you contribute financially through Joining the Enchanted Garden Club.
 I have included on-line some of my mostinspired poems behind
a password gate.  These poems I hope will inspire you.   
For inspiration, please look at some of my own poetry on this
site, and other inspirational guideposts I have included from
other World's Greatest Lovers I admire.  

  Please check out the Essene writing on this site.

My blessing for you is that the words on these Poetry Plaques
read out loud will inspire you to touch heights and depths
of Love worthy of being recorded
among the Memoirs of the World's Greatest Lovers.  

In the mundane world Memoirs, as I said, are considered
autobiographical sketches; yet in the world of the Soul
how we live and love influences the destiny of  our world.

The way we live and love
can add to the combined wisdom
of humanity and uplift our Mother Earth.
This is the Essene Creation myth.

It is through touching the depth of Love
and melding our experiences in Love
in the elixir of Patience
that we touch our Song of Life and free
our deepest seed dreams.  

When we Love and when we journal
we are taking time out from experience
to create and potentially alter Creation itself.

At the level of mastership...
"These divine songs of the Immortals
are the life and the glory which they have borne
 from heaven to earth as the kernel of their heart,"
writes Doumette.

Why not live as the World's Greatest Lover
with this aspiration and intention in mind?

This is the beginning of the
 Gardeners Make Lovers Program.
Thanks for participating.

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

To find out more about Plant Parenthood,
and what the world would be like  if all the heirloom seeds
 sitting on shelves in packages became the plants they could be,
Please go study the Plant Your Dream site.

 Index to my poetry on this site

Free Poems

On Line Poems
For Enchanted Garden Club Members
(or by contribution)

How did a 5'2" man
who can hardly walk straight
become the World's
Greatest Lover?

And more importantly,
how can you become the
World's Greatest Lover too!

All time favorite poems of
Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted
Gardener, that will touch your heart
and increase Love in your world
are offered on line to those

"Leslie's poems
are alimony
--Andrew Ralston, M.D.

"You certainly know women!"
--William Bugbee, M.D.
master surgeon for Getting Hip

"Leslie Goldman is
without a doubt,
the most in touch man
I have ever met!"
--Pam Morse
the Spa Lady


If these simple Wisdom teachings bring joy and solice, you are invited to join my branch of the Enchanted Garden Club so you and I can get on using the Gift of Life as our lives record the History of Peace on Earth. I believe
that breakdowns through relating to othersare intended to turn into breakthroughs.  With the gift of intimacy and touch, comes the opportunity to look at places where our Soul, now buried, wants to come to light.  I offer FREE phone Coaching to those
 who join the Club.

Your Enchanted Gardener
Leslie Goldman

All Rights Reserved.
 All materials, copyright Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener, 2004