We Love for Ourselves

By Dr. Bernard Jensen
from Survive...this Day

My mother's teachings are at the basis of my philosophy.  When I came home from school one day, she asked me what I had learned.  
I told her I had learned I had to love my friends.
I had to love my neighbors and enemies.
She said, "Sit down, son.  
I want to tell you something.  
You don't need to love  your friends.  
You don't need to love your neighbors.
 You don't need to love your enemies."

    "But mother, that doesn't sound right."
I said.

   "Son, let me tell you something.  You must love for your own good."

    I never really felt the truth in this until I tried
to love an enemy.  You ought to see what they do, even when you try to love them.  They become more enemous and venemous.

Finally, they love you because they just can't stand themselves.  I am not interested in the part of the religious work
that does not work.  I am interested in the part that works.
 You have to be doers of the word.  
We need more harmony in our lives.

It isn't going to come just by eating good apples everyday.
You find out you need more love in your life,
more of what we call tolerance.  
There will be a lot more intolerant people developed
in the future.  There will be a lot more selfish people.  
There will be people with more devilish ideas than the devil himself.

You are going to need a stronger faith than you will ever have needed in your life, and this is the time to develop it.  Now is the time to practice good virtues.  A Christian who is just read and
not practiced is not a good Christian, and the same goes for the man of any faith.

I tell you this because it is a health law.  We can't have good
heatlh unless you love.  I believe the best times in our lives come when we are in love.  If you haven't found out what a real love in life is,  you haven't felt good!  If love ever leads you into a black and dark hole, it will be love that will lead you out.

Much of what we will be trying to do for others may never reach them, maybe not today, perhaps not for ten or fifteen years, yet we will continue to send it.

from the words of Dr. Bernard Jensen
edited by Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

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