Press Release

Mother Earth is asking that we each be her World's Greatest Lover.
To warm up to the idea, she is asking us to read the poetry of Leslie Goldman,
 Your Enchanted Gardener, to someone we love and someone we would like to love more.

Leslie says it is exponentially possible for this millennium
to be remembered as a age when the earth experienced 1000 years of peace.
 "Saying the words out loud on my Poetry Plaques is a good start. These are words that men need to know and women want to hear to allow intimacy,"  he said.
Through creating more harmony between men and woman, and the masculine and feminine inside us, we create more living room for Peace on Earth through Peace with Earth.  

"We need not go back to Eden to create better understanding
between men and women,"says Your Enchanted Gardener,
"We can create more Enchanted Garden between us."

Leslie¹S Poems, appear on 8 1/2" by 11"
 Laminated Poetry Plaques.

Leslie is asking the support of visitors to his website's, shopkeepers, and individual members of his Enchanted Garden Club to personally introduce the poems to their favorite friends, and for those who purchase the poems
 to introduce it T their friends.

His Seed Dream is to see the poems featured
in 50 leading edge stores across the country
by the end of 2005,
and have store owners have and poetry enthusiasts
join his branch of the Enchanted Garden Club at
The Gardeners Make Better Lovers Program
is detailed on his website.  There
are links to find out more about the Enchanted Garden Club

The Enchanted Garden is a name for our renewed Earth.
Our renewed earth grows one seed and seed dream at a time.
It is time now to fulfill Mother Earth's
plan that we each become her World¹'S Greatest Lover.  

Let us reclaim Love through remembering
 what it means to Love Our Earth.
Let us create more living room for Love through
choosing to Love one another."

On my World's Greatest Lovers web site,
visitors are invited to begin recording their own growth
experiences in their own Memoirs, read Leslie poems,
and peruse  from other inspired Souls who have loved the earth and humanity.  Leslie calls these Souls the World's Greatest Lovers.

Leslie offers free coaching to those who join
the Enchanted Garden club.  Contact Leslie at