MEGA Love Coming Your Way!

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Angels from the International Feng Shui Conference  will
be meeing again August 4-8 'o5  in San Diego.  We have
reserved your seat to hear Leslie read you The Seven Love Cure
and teach you how to Plant your Dream!

Conference Sign Up NOW

"You have cracked the code!"

Wendy Kurtz
Elizabeth Charles and Associates
Public Relations Society of America
Orlando, Florida

"  Words to warm every woman's heart
and make her fall for you.
Every man who loves a woman needs these!
"You have no idea the feelings that were evoked in me."
--The Homework Dr.

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 How Great  your Love Life,
There  is more Love wanting to come  your Way!
I simply cannot withhold any longer
The Seven Love Cures, words
that men need to know and woman want to hear!

You, as a woman deserve  your man to
say these words to you!
You, as a man, can lessen  heart disease
among women by saying these words to your Beloved!
Your Enchanted Gardener, Leslie Goldman

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"I am blown away by the power of
 experiencing your poems.
They move me to my core and have me
experience love and the moment at a deeper level.
These are a must for wedding ceremonies.

They strengthen  bonds of love
and pure inspiration.

Thank you for the gift!!

--Lynn Rose

"The Seven Love Cures
are alimony Insurance
for minding your assets!"
--Andrew Ralston, M.D.

Top Agent Peter Miller, repeats the words
to "Your Creation"one of The Seven Love Cures into the ear
of  singer Lynn Rose at the MEGA Book Marketing University
April 05.  Leslie said the words and Peter repeated
them to Singer Lynn.


"I loved the poems.  Please send me a set.
Thank you for bringing them into the hearts
and minds of lovers around the world."
--Peter Miller, Literary agent

Mark and Jack are impressed!

Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield,
Chicken Soul for the Soul Co-authors
100 million soldwere moved by "Your Creation"
Mark had me read it at the
VIP luncheon on the MEGA
Book Marketing University.
The men, including Mark and Jack,
said "Your Creation"
to the women in the room.

I had business cards for everyone
but could not make it around the
room, the response
 was so great.

(L to R) Mark Victor Hansen, Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener,
and Jack Canfield at the MEGA Book
Marketing University April 15-17,05.  
his was the coming out party for The Seven Love Cures.

Order your Copy today
of "Your Creation:"

Lynn Rose (L) feeds Mark the MEGA Love Strawberry grown
by Joe the Farmer. "Your Creation" will definitely
wet your appetites.

For more of the story behind these photos
please see my Blog

They are nutrition for the Soul.

You can help enlighten men.
You can help heal the #1 disease
among women, heart disease,
through joining our campaign to see
that every man
and every woman you know
knows that The Seven Love
Cures are here and available
for sale on this site.

 Spread the word!

Better understanding
between one man and one
woman is enough to
heal the world!

Here is a Press Release that you can
print and give to your favorite store owner.  
Please order "Your Creation"
and send it to a Beloved friend today.

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