Enchanted Garden Sponsors
Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, SEES and plants SEEDS
of success for super RIPE people and their projects.
An ambassador of heart and soul, his influence is expressed
through poetry that inspires intimacy and photo images that
record the history of Peace on Earth.
 Leslie was given a U.N. Peace Medal for his work.

"Organic Celebration!"  '05 Enchanted Garden Campaign Sponsors

Christina Fior does marketing for one
of my Favorite Heart and Soul inspired
Leave it to Caroline MacDougall and
our world will be caffiene free and
enjoying Nature's bounty of fresh
herbal tea delights.

Fortunate Blessings Upon these sponsors of the Enchanted
Garden Campaign who are bringing
Conscious Commerce with Heart and Soul into the world. Conscious Commerce means with every dollar
that passes in the marketplace Love
with be upheld. marketplace Love will be upheld. I honor these sponsors and feel them in my heart for supporting the growth
of the Enchanted Garden.
--Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener

Stuart Feldman of TSI Tape Speciality Inc.
TSI Tape Specialty Inc
is run by Steve and Stu Feldman.  The leading manufacturer of CD's
and Audio cassettes
in the New Age Marketplace
(as I see and seed).
They hire a staff of more
than 50, providing a living
 to numbers of challenged employees as well
as devoted staff who are extended family.
Heart and Soul permeate
their lives and enterprises.
 It is with great honor that
 I know them and in gratitude thank them for helping
 me bring my forthcoming
CD's into the world.

Kim and Robb Howard
of TID Health are excited with the Rodriguez Family
Wreaths made of small  Pumpkin Trees.  The Rodriquez's are my adopted farming family.  My bones are made from their foods.

The Rodriguez family of local San Diego farmers create exquisite baby Pumpkin Wreaths each fall.  Please place an order now for your wreath and they will be mailed to you during the Fall.
Order your wreath from Goyo and have your local store place an order now!  
1.800.929.1742/ 760.945.8805

For Your Supplement needs,
visit Robb and Kim at TID Health.

Actress Jane Seymour, keynote speaker at the Natural Product Expo West, the largest Trade Show of its kind held each Spring in Anaheim, California, has an organic garden at home." When you inspire a child to garden, they will be drawn to eat better foods," she said.  Jane is a renaissance woman and typifies  both  being an Enchanted Gardener and the
a World's Greatest Lover for Mother Earth.  For
more on about responding to Mother Earth's request that we each be her World's Greatest Lover, please see the Worlds

Karen Raterman with Leslie Goldman, 2002
Your Enchanted Gardener

I have enjoyed developing relationships
with the staff of  New Hope Natural Media, the producers of the Natural Products Expo West, among them Karen Raterman,
Director of Publications, who wrote me this note:

"Dear Leslie,
  I think it would be wonderful to include short articles about heart and passion and doing good in the natural products business.
I would love for you to be one of our ambassadors and seek out these stories
and then send them our way.
Thank You, Be Well Karen"
PS  Thank you for more Thyme in my life--
it¹s the most precious gift
I could get.

My first article appeared in the
October 2000 issue of
Natural Foods Merchandiser.
See also
Michael Besancon, Whole Food Market
regional President is upholding our
a Planetary Initiative.

"I've been waiting half my life to tell
somebody about Leslie Goldman.
Always figured I'd wait for some desperate moment. Now. it's here."
--Bob Baker, Los Angeles Times Magazine

"A magic day he passed my way
 And while we spoke of many things Fools
and kings, this he said to me
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn
 is just to love and be loved in return."
 From the song "Nature Boy"
Lyrics by eden ahbez recorded by Nat King Cole, 1947, the year I was born.

"Do you remember, a lifetime ago, when Nat King Cole had a hit song called 'Nature Boy'?
It told about a 'strange, enchanted boy' who wandered far, very far, and when he met you, he taught you many things. I've met that boy, or someone very much like him, and he is now a man known as the Enchanted Gardener.
 I may never be the same." -
-Paul Froemming,
writer at Large Montecito Journal


"All the good stuff Mom could never teach you, our Love Consultants will."
-Judy Levy

"I love Leslie Goldman.  I love his unique poems
and books.  I feature them in my stores.  I adopted the gift of an aloe vera plant six years ago. The hill of my home has now become an enormous Enchanted Garden filled with plants that bring me joy, contentment, and a place to nurture me and my growing staff.  My Seed Dream for Leslie in that many more stores join the Enchanted Garden Club. I am grateful to co-sponsor his presence and what he brings to our world." --Judy Levy, founder Pleasure Faires for Women

Heart and Soul Award recipient,
 Judy Levy, runs three businesses including the the two Love Boutique Stores in the L.A. area and Pleasure Faires for Women.   Judy Levy is been the ultimate bright light, encouraging me to get my work out and attend the International New Age Trade Show West '04, the premier venue in the New Age marketplace. May fortunate blessings return to her
ten fold in all her endeavors.

Sophia and DeeDee Lindner of
Delaware Valley Florists.  DeeDee
is in charge of the organic flower
division.  I like this trend in
commercial flower

Sophia's Postage Stamp. an activity  
with the kids at the Natural Products
Expo West- 04.

Leslie Goldman is the Enchanted Gardener, a voice for the rebirth of Mother Earth.  Leslie encourages
 us to plant our dreams in harmony with nature. Do you know a person
and project expressing Conscious Commerce with Heart and Soul?
and see:

Would you like some Job's Tears,
the Seeds of Life Fulfillment grown
by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted

opened the Natural Products
Expo West '04 ( Please see my extensive site on that trade show: NPEW'-04).

Her clear intent, purpose, and outreach typify what I see as
characteristics of an Enchanted Gardener and World's Greatest Lover for Mother Earth. She expresses  heart and soul.    For more about responding to Mother Earth's request that we each be her World's Greatest Lover, please see the Worlds
Greatest Lover website.Your Enchanted Gardener

Organic flowers at the direction Kiock at the Natural Products
Expo West '04

 I was given a UN Peace Medal in 1983
byRobert Muller, subject of the book Prophet.

   He dozed off and slept deeply for 15 minutes.  Then, he opened his eyes in a daze, and said, "Where am I?"  "You are in the Enchanted Garden," I said.  His face was quizzical.  Then he came back to his senses with one more inhale of chocolate peppermint.  From a deep place in his lungs, he said to me,"Let Us Make Our Entire, Miraculous Planet into an Enchanted Garden!"

The story of how
I received a UN
Peace Medal.

For more Enchanted Garden
Health and Soul Stories,
Please see Heart and Soul

What is Love, as the force
that holds the universe today.
Go see Alexander Pope's words

one of Judy Levy's favorite

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