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A History of Peace
on Earth

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"Leslie Goldman
is the best Photographer
on the Planet!"
--Rick Frishman,
publicist, Chicken
Soup for the Soul
100 Million sold.


"A magic day he
 passed my way and
while we spoke
of many things Fools
and Kings, this he
 said to me,
'The greatest thing
you'll ever learn
is just to love and be
loved in return.' "

From "Nature Boy,"
a hit song in 1947.
Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener
was born in 1947.

Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
"Through my eyes I am recording a history of  Peace on Earth,
 a history of the Earth and its human flowering.
Our renewed Earth is the Enchanted Garden and you and I, its Gardeners."
--Credo of the
 Enchanted Gardeners

World Peace
Breaks Out!

"Your Poems touched me
to the seed of my being."
--Suzee Miller,
 Feng Shui Consultant

Job's Tears

May our
future world
 look back at your Life and see the Love
you have brought
 forth as the
History of Peace
 on Earth.

Enchanted Garden
Farmers' Market Project:

Elyssa Rodriguez
takes some time out
from serving samples
of organic melons at
the Hillcrest Farmers'
Market to play with
a puppy who stopped

Organically grown
tomatoes from the
Rodriquez family,
August 2004.

Out of the Box Food is
available week in an out
at your local
Farmers' Market.

Are you a
 can say,
is Organic?"

Plant Your

The Seven Love Cures:

becomes a Way of Life
for more of us.

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Leslie's Workshops
and Poetry Readings
make plants sing for joy
as men and woman
enter the Enchanted Garden!

Scheduling Leslie
for your conference
is easy! Email Leslie
and call 619.582.9669.

"Leslie will help inspire and unite your audience--his passion is powerful, effective, and infectious.  I highly recommend his presence at your event, and you can contact me at"
--Roger Green,
International Feng Shui Conference,
San Luis Obispo, 2004

The Enchanted Garden Installation at the Fourth International Feng Shui Conference Orlando,  Florida, 2001.  Leslie and a team will create an Altar for your conference.  Disney provided the plants
at this Conference.

Conference Altars
and Plant Ambience:
is possible.  

Enchanted Garden
Farmers' Market Project:

Please order Custom-Made Wreath
from the Rodriguez Family to add smiles
to your Summer add smiles.  In doing so
you are helping local farming survive in
San Diego County.  Call 760.749.0439.
for supporting our campaign.

A Tribute to Robert Muller
From a deep place in his lungs,
he said to me, "Let Us Make Our Entire, Miraculous Planet into an Enchanted Garden!"

"What a wonderful Story.
it brought tears to my eyes'--SLB

An invitation for you to Sign

108 pages,
hand assembled
signed and numbered.

Rekindling of Faith
absorbs some of
life's suffering for
all of us."--
Paul Brenner, M.D.

�Urban Shaman,
Leslie Goldman, communes with God
in his Magic Garden, coaxing healing from herbs and plants
and writes verse blossoms that lift the heart, touch the soul and somehow gladden the wounded spirit weeping in us.�
--Rabbi Zalman M. Schacter-Shalomi
author of
Zayde Jewish Renewal

�May we each become hardeners tilling the soil
of Leslie�s sweet dream.� --Rabbi Wayne Dosick,
Rabbi Elijah Minyan

Send These words
through the US Mail
to someone you love:

How is your Soul inspired Creation coming?
How can I
encourage you?
What can I say?
What can I do to inspire you to realize that it is
you who are making
a new world?
How can I love you?
Can you feel my love for you?
Can you feel how much life there is between us,
how much peace,
how much good?

The Seven Love Cures:

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improve your
life right here
and now.  
These poems
create intimacy."
--Mark Victor Hansen

Wanna Live
where people and plants are learning
 to live together?

Move into the ENCHANTED

Learn about
the Essene
School of Thought,
invigorate your own spiritual practices,
and get involved
bringing into the world the Essene
Wholistic Healing

Dr. Bernard Jensen

"Leslie Goldman
is one of humanity's

Inspiration for
those heading into

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